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May 11, 2009 | by  | in Opinion Theatre |
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Sando Goes to the Comedy fest

Chris Brain’s A Better Place, Fringe Bar

There is something scary about going into any form of performance based around depression—not because of fear that you’ll get depressed, but with the dread that you’ll be bored out of your rock. Well, okay, often there is legitimate fear of both; Chris Brain’s A Better Place is about life with depression, and is sponsored by those people who do those awful John Kirwan ads. I want to draw out the fears I had, but fuck it, this show was funny and an interesting tale that I got quite caught up in. It’s barbed, so smart and so real. Billy T. Nominee Chris Brain actually talks about the actions that he does while he’s depressed and how fucked his life gets because of the depression. If you want deep content in your stand up, go see it. If you just want to laugh (which isn’t a bad thing), there are lighter meals on offer.

2. Jason John Whitehead: Emotional White Mail.

He’s a ginger Canadian stoner who is very funny. I like it when reviews don’t have much to add.

Okay, well, the really neat thing about JJW is that he has this natural aversion to what he calls “righteousnous”—basically, the thing that almost all comedians have which makes them hate authority and claim to be egalitarian, except with him you can actually hear a palpable understanding and then rejection in a Salient manner. Sure he disguises it with his engaging persona, but the content is there and he exposes it in a most delicious manner.

3. El Jaguar’s Cinco De Mayo’s Fiesta De HaHa

This was a late night rambling show celebrating Cinco De Mayo—which pro wrestler El Jaguar claimed was Mexian Independence Day (it’s not)—that threw any weird piece of comic performance they could get ahold of at you. It was the closest thing stand up has to being a party while still having an audience. To exemplorise, Jerome Chanderhausen delightfully screamed at us for five minutes, Matt Mullholand (who has been missed in the performing circuit), played a tin whistle to Celine Dion, and Vinyl Burns made a beer bottle vanish. It was a fun show that crashed like a burning tyre through the window of my house’s humour room. The door was open guys, Jesus.

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