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June 16, 2009 | by  | in News Online Only |
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Another one bites the dust

VUWSA women’s rights officer (WRO) Kassie Hartendorp has resigned from the executive, citing president Freemantle as one of the main reasons.

Hartendorp said that “under the leadership of Jasmine Freemantle, VUWSA has become an organisation that hinders my efforts to attain [my] goals due to the current working environment.

“I do not believe that Jasmine has been acting in a transparent or democratic fashion. As an executive member, I have felt kept in the dark where Jasmine appears to be acting of her own accord, instead of consulting, or even informing the executive of certain issues.”

Tensions between the two came to a head in the second-to-last exec meeting for the trimester (as reported on by Salient here). Hartendorp says that Freemantle’s reluctance to support the students who burnt a flag on the Mount Street Bar deck is “neglecting its [VUWSA’s] basic duty of a students’ association.”

Vice President Education Freya Eng said “to my knowledge, these reports about Jasmine’s leadership style were never addressed to her in the first place.”

Vice President Welfare Seamus Brady said that Hartendorp’s letter “was exaggerated a bit” and “her involvement with the Workers’ Party might be a reason for her actions.” Brady went on to add that up until the flag burning Kassie had been doing a lot of good work.

The by-election scheduled for the first week back of the second trimester is expected to include the WRO position.

Hartendorp is the the fourth exec member to hand in her papers this year, following in the footsteps of Alex Neilson, Marika Pratley and Georgina Hart. She is the first to openly attribute the resignation to Freemantle.

Brady said “Don’t read too much into the resignations. It is interesting.”

Freemantle could not be contacted because she is currently in Nepal.

Read a copy of Kassie’s resignation letter here [pdf].

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  1. Brown says:

    This whole Workers Party/VUWSA thing has to stop. If you are part of a political organisation outside of the University that is fine but when it starts affecting the way our (and I say “our” because it affects us all) Student Union is being run, such as the representation of students and resignation of executive members that we voted in, then something has to be done. I say leave national politics at the door please.

  2. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    I find it interesting that Kassie laments the fact that Jasmine apparently “acts in a bullying and intimidating manner” whilst at the same time she is more than happy to call her former employer a “dusty right wing buerucrat [sp.] scab”. Seems a tad hypocritical to me.

  3. mike(the other) says:

    wonderif she got the other 3 members of the WP to help write the letter. Seems like a combined effort

  4. Felicia Jollygoodfellow says:

    The problem with your argument Brown is that almost all student pollies are involved with national politics of some sort or another. The ones who describe themselves as ‘not involved’ most likely do so because they support the existing national government. I would personally prefer the Student President to be allied with the Workers Party to one who supports ACT or National.

  5. stalinista says:

    Pretty bad record for Jasmine with 4 resignations (SO FAR) under her stewardship…

  6. Coleman says:

    Yeah, reallllllllllllyyyyyy bad. One resignation due to a pregnancy and moving to Auckland, another one resulting from the person transferring to Auckland University. And the other two a result of pathetic internal Workers’ Party politics.

    Good riddance to those two I say.

  7. she who must not be named says:

    hahahahahahahahaha. hhahahahahaha.

    jasmine doesn’t support the national party! hahahaha

    i’m sorry that’s just hilarious to anyone who knows those ppl at the student union. robert latimer used to door knock for national apparently, but the rest of them are all bona fide lefties (not communists tho obviously)!!!

    hahahahahaha. your a bunch of idiots.

  8. Woe To Deserters! says:

    “The problem with your argument Brown is that almost all student pollies are involved with national politics of some sort or another.”

    You hit the nail on the head, or the lid of the coffin! Involvement in ‘natioal politics’ and all the inevitable degenerations that come with it. The WP is breaking down and taking down the fleas it reaped in the VUWSA careerist apparatus.

    Matthew I read your comments that you put on the WP’s website, and in reply to John’ F’s reply, I must say his “internationalism” is a fraudulent one, involving words only, but no real action.

    An International organization is not the sum total of it’s various part’s it is the complete political and ideological agreement of all fundamental principled questions, including organization, into ONE organization, now one can not say that the petty-bourgeois “Workers” party is an One world organization, it is as it calls itself a NEW ZEALAND national “Workers” party and thus inevitable is vulnerable to the nationalist degenerations that flow from isolating one self from international comrades and integration into a genuine world party. [Read Trotsky’s Critique of the Comintern program of socialism in one country or world revolution. The 3rd International after Lenin.]
    (Mind you the “pro-Trotsky” i.e pro-Pabloite and pro-Mao i.e. pro-Stalinist) “explanation” of the WP’s origins speaks volumes for this opportunist organizations’ cause of degeneration.

  9. Woe To Deserters! says:

    “The ones who describe themselves as ‘not involved’ most likely do so because they support the existing national government. I would personally prefer the Student President to be allied with the Workers Party to one who supports ACT or National.”

    This statement is blatantly false and decietful. Relying on the ignorance of readers. In reply as a reader of the and it’s movement, I do not support the “national government” nor do I support the “trade union movement” of which the Don Franks and Whitmore Workers Party leadership wish to shackle the working class behind, despite the fact that most of the working class are not unionized, the majority of the working class, NZ, and in Europe particularly are abandoning the right wing social-democratic and labour bureaucracies in mass as these organizations like National and the right wing organizations counterparts prove themselves loyal subordinates of their respective ruling classes and their destructive programs of free market redistribution of wealth, social inequality and so forth.

    Some like myself actually support real programs for the future, the Political Independence of the World Working class, this requires the building of the working class’s own political independent revolutionary movement separate from the trade union and labor/social democratic and ‘radical’ apparatuses of capitalist organization. This requires development of political, class consciousness, and as one finds again and again, you will not get this from the ‘radical’ disorientation of the “Workers” party who like it’s centrist counterparts, NPA, SA, SP, GBCP, etc prove tied down to the current profit system.

  10. Woe To Deserters…
    Don’t post here all to oftern, but really, can you just be open about being in the WSWS? Don’t pretend to be some sort of enthused bystander who just happens to read the website… You guys do that regularly. Make it out that this is just a random comment from a random person who just happens to read WSWS and ape their political lines to a tee.
    As well as that, can you find some new “ite” to throw around? Accusing people of Pabloism is just bizarre and quite irrelevant in this context. As the WP isn’t Pabloite, in that we don’t advocate people to join the Labour Party (not the biggest fans) in the short or long-term. Unless you’re a bot set up to hunt us down and defeat us with your higher use of irrelevant jargon, please update your attacks from the 1950’s to today please?

  11. Jacks says:

    Have you paid back the hundreds of dollars worth of student money you used on that junket to a communist conference and the plagiarized report on Aussie student unionism yet Joel?

  12. she who must not be named says:

    yeah, fuck off joel. no one cares what you think.

  13. towradgi says:

    especially ironic since you and youre workers party cronies are behind bringing up all dat shit about lawyers fees, when youre the one dragging the chain costing the association 1000s of dollars. fucking cunt.

    your all hypocrites.

  14. Woe To Deserters! says:

    I am a reader and supporter of the WSWS and that’s all you need to know. I and we don’t pretend to be bystanders, and as to my pseudonym, the purpose here is for security, regarding the Workers party’s policy on security there’s is clearly one of unserious consideration to it, mind you, you’ve never had Stalinist GPU, US FBI and various petty-bourgeois nationalist thugs try and hunt down and assassinate your international leadership, your flag burning stunt has only given more powers to the police, university and media to use against you, no objective lessons have been learnt about imperialism and the Workers party is responsible for this. Now the question must be put forth, why is that the case?

    I am not a random person and this is not a ‘random comment’, my comments attack the very core and origin of the Workers party it’s rejection of genuine internationalism ie. Trotskyism in favour of the “pro-Trotsky” and “pro-Mao” “explanation.” (And you say “is just bizarre and quite irrelevant in this context” yet this context is the very reason for the WP’s existence, centrism and opportunism.) The “political line” I subscribe to, that of the WSWS’s, is that of the very core of Trotskyism which is the sole continuation of Classical-Marxism.

    Your statement about Pabloism states clearly you are not informed on the subject and it’s terrible consequences on the international working class. If you were knowledgable on this crutial subject, you’d take a more serious attitude to it, Pabloism’s role in Latin America, France, Europe, Australia, NZ and the US.

    Also I do not consider the WP genuinely “pabloite” it is more accurately a centrist group, crippled with nationalism, a sort of radical popular front for leftists in the “far left” dark. The WP’s origins are more in line with Pabloism though, with regard to principles, programme and etc.
    Trotskyism doesn’t advocate it’s members to join the Labour party, Stalinist parties, etc, for reasons of tactical entrism, as the period of the 50-70s are well and truly over, I think, if you are trying to ‘criticize’ the WSWS, you have the wrong organization, perhaps you meant the Militant group under Grant the revisionist organization who actually propagated that deadend perspective and then had a split with the CWI. You say your not “big fans” of Labour which I am sure you mean, but then this reminds me of the WRP ultra-left posturing to form the “Workers Revolutionary government” in the early 80s before the WRP collapsed, oh, no this leaves the question of the role of radical groups like that you are in, orientation to the working class, or to other radicals, trade union leaders and outfits, your group makes clear it answers in the latter.

    And perhaps you should watch something else other than Terminator Salvation, not a great film sorry. Why would we want to “hunt” you down, you do a great job of that yourself. Again, you have no knowledge of Trotskyism or the WSWS, and it’s history and the relation of Pabloism to the WP, so another nail in your coffin.


  15. Paul says:

    wtf is WSWS?

    Anyway …. WP/WSWS …. aren’t you bloody students anyway? Thats very working class. Aren’t the educated buergeoise the enemies of the people?

    Get a bloody job down a pit, cleaning toilets or in a factory then you can moan about the plight of the “working class”. Hypocrites.

  16. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    Woe to Deserters:
    “Matthew I read your comments that you put on the WP’s website, and in reply to John’ F’s reply, I must say his “internationalism” is a fraudulent one, involving words only, but no real action.”

    Which comment are you referring to? I post on the Workers Party website quite often.

    On an additional note, whilst I am not a supporter of the Workers Party nor am I overly familiar with their history, I do know that they are a loose coalition of socialists of various political persuasions rather than a tightly dogmatic organisation. Any attempt to label them with a particular sectarian brush as you have done fails to recognise this. Their core platform elements, such as they are, seem to reflect both nationalist and internationalist goals.

    Anyway, back to the core issue of this blog – Kassie’s resignation. I got the quote wrong – Kassie called Jasmine an “EVIL right wing buerucrat [sp.] scab”. If she wants to call people names in her own time then that’s none of our prerogative; however, this particular photo (along with a few others) is on the VUWSA facebook page. Resorting to this sort of behaviour whilst at the same time bemoaning unfair treatment is hypocritical and wrong.

    Cheers, Matt.

  17. Jono West says:

    Joel. I thought you said that Salient wasn’t the paper of students any more and we shouldn’t pay any attention to it. Fuck off.

    Fuck off all politicos who fuck with student money. Kassie resigning is just another fucking waste of money. Doesn’t matter if freemantle was the cause. We had a by election to get her in, which cost x amount of dollars and now we’re having another one to replace her.

    This is why we need VSM and we need it now.

  18. she who must not be named says:

    where are these comments, matt? link?

  19. Gafesib says:

    found it. lol. what a joke. and what a silly little girl this cassie hartendorf kid has turned out to be.

  20. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    she who must not be named: Check out the VUWSA page on facebook, and look in the photos section. There are a couple of photos taken at the Karorientation that were added by Kassie. Failing that, I will do a screenshot and send them to you.

    Pretty low blow for an official VUWSA-related site, in my opinion.

    Cheers, Matt.

  21. she who must not be named says:

    yup, found them through that link that gafesib put. she also wrote ‘crazy woman’ on another. goes to show how immature that part of the exec are/were. good riddence i say. reckon the others that theyre attacking are doing a pretty good job (as far as i can tell) from work reports etc

    shame tho that kassie had to let stupid wp politics get in the way cos it looks like she was doing a pretty good job as womens’ rights officer too

  22. Woe To Deserters! says:

    Paul the WP and WSWS/ISSE are two opposed political tendencies, the WP represents the radical petty-bourgeoisie and the other the WSWS represents the interests of the world working class.
    I, like you also support their democratic rights and right to protest, but when it comes to the conceptions of protest politics: burning flags (their right) without any historical lessons ever being learnt, I am opposed to this ‘Workers party.’

    John Edmundson makes this comment on that page you commented:

    “Winning votes has never been the primary purpose of the WP’s participation in elections. We do it to get our politics – what we see as key issues for working class unity in the long term, like internationalism – into the public arena, not to bend our politics to fit with current popular views. If we wanted to do that we’d join the Labour or National Party. So we won’t just go around randomly burning flags, but we won’t decide our strategy based on electoral considerations, we’d rather be honest about what we believe to be important.”

    If it was never the primary purpose of this cretinist party, then why proudly proclaim signing up “members” at the Warriors Game, and similar opportunist tactics! As for their “internationalism” it is blatantly false. An international organization as Trotsky put it should be “a single international proletarian organisation of revolutionary action having one world centre and one world political orientation.”

    Instead the Workers Party has, as you put it, a “loose coalition of socialists of various political persuasions.” (Who’s main origin being the “pro-Trotsky” “pro-Mao” “explanation” that these opportunists have given on their page, and other sources of information!)

    Now there is the root of the problem of these WP potential VUWSA ex-VUWSA careerists, who have no real international organization except a bunch of “loosely” fitted separate national organisations, i.e. CPGB (ex-Stalinist party), CPNepal, “International Communist Union”, RSP, and similar lesser known NZ national groups, none of whom carry spotless banners like that of the Fourth International in defense of the theory of Permanent Revolution and Lenin’s theory of the Vanguard Party.

  23. Woe To Deserters! says:

    As for this group “reflect both nationalist and internationalist goals” the only main goals this group has created is creating centrist figureheads to take the role in the trade unions, i.e. Kelly, Cosgrove, Whitmore, Franks, etc, and to promote the “far left” “loose collection” of various radical groups who’s orientation is to eachother and to the middle class and to the trade unions, not to the political independence of the working class and the creation of it’s own organisations in the very real struggle against international capital.

    That is my point that I made earlier about just words, no action, it’s actually socialism in words, capitalism in action, ugly Pressure politics on display, burning flags in complete isolation to the whole of the working class encouraging the isolated and disoriented individuals to take up these futile practices.

    Instead of the fight for political consciousness, insisted upon by all great classical marxists and trotskyists we have these “Workers party” inlisted radicals who see joining the student union as sufficient practice for the real thing!!

  24. Paul says:

    Bloody hell WSWS/ISSE now there are more meaningless letters. It’ll be the whole alphabet before long.

    Get off the wonderful capitalist internet. You are slowing down the relentless drive to consume. And the comments feature on this site is bloody slow.

    It’s interesting to see you slag off Don Franks. I don’t support his politics, but at least he used to be a “worker” so has some credentials. Not just a load of political science study and meaningless rhetoric.

  25. Madness says:

    Sad about Kassie, I think she’s actually done heaps of really good stuff. Shame.

  26. r4i software says:

    Hello everyone.
    It’s really too bad kassie has resigned but she had done nice job what else,,,

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