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āhuarangi – climate
akunga – group of leaders
āmaimai – nervous, highly strung
apataki – audience, client base
aroā – comprehension, understood
auare ake – missed completely, not a chance
aumangea – brave, strong, persistant
aweko – old, ancient
haepapa – correct, straight
haruru – roar, rumble
hatete – fire, flame
haumanutanga – restoration
haumanutanga – revival
haumanutanga – revival
hīnātore – twinkle, glow
hori – passed by, to pass by
houhare – hard worker, diligent, industrious
ihu oneone – hard working
kaiarohaehae – professional critiquer
kākanorua – bicultural
kanorau – diverse
karatiw(h)a – blacken
kātoitoi – response
kewa – extinguished
kokoru – bay, cove, indentation of the coast
kongange – blaze
kōrekoreko – dazzle, radiance
kōtengitengi – gentle wind
kounga – quality, attribute
mākeremumu – winter, chill
mangaru – (transliteration) mongrel
maninohea – objectionable, listless, exhausted
matangareka – keen, anxious
memenge – shrivel, wither
moroki – continuing
napinapi – cling tightly
ngoi – strength, energy
nukurau – deceive
oati – promise, oath
panga – puzzle, guessing game
papahueke – hard, relentless
pārekareka – enjoyable, fun
pārengarenga – brink, edge
pātaritaringa – provoke, entice, decoy
piroku – to extinguish, put out
pūha hikohiko – marijuana
pūkauri – burn fierce
pūrau – collection of leaves, a magazine
pūrēhua – flicker
rākaumangamanga – uri, descendants
ratonga – service, distribution
rautaki – strategy, to be strategic
rētōtanga – deepening
rongomaiwhiti – sacred
tahuti – run away, hasten
takē – absent oneself
tapoko – enter, sink
tārea – forward, hang
taukumekume – struggle for, go against, contend for
tirikohua – dive into
tōmina – desire, to long for
tukanga – process
tūrangahakoa – paradise
tutungia – submerge in water
uwhia – cover, spread out
waingōhia – easy, pleased
whakapeto – to consume, consumer
whakarauora – to be saved, rescue
whakatewhatewha – investigate, explore, study
wheako – experiences
wheinga – very old person
whenawhena – steady, taut
whitiwhitikupu – crossword

Ngā Pukapuka Āwhina

The Reed Dictionary of Modern Maori, PM Ryan
English-Maori Dictionary, HM Ngata

Ngā Ipurangi Āwhina

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  • Where? Te Herenga Waka Marae, 46 Kelburn Parade, Kelburn

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