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July 6, 2009 | by  | in Online Only |
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From the first issue back this trimester Salient will have a new column called Soapbox. It isn’t an original idea, but it is a good one. All we’re asking for is an eloquent rant from you to be published in the fine pages of Salient. We’re your soapbox so come stand on us and shout your beliefs loudly and proudly. Oh, and the person who is published that week wins a bag of freshly ground Gravity Coffee. Now that is pretty fricking sweet.

Soapbox ground rules

We’re not going to publish any old drivel—which makes a change from my normal editorial process—so there needs to be some rules.
1. Submissions can be no longer than 800 words.
2. Submissions must be in by 5 pm Tuesday night.
3. Submissions that are defamatory, overly rude or just plain not nice will not be published.
4. Submissions to be sent to the editor with “soapbox” in the subject line.
5. Submissions must come from VUW students so please include your Student ID and a contact number.

Easy, huh? Look forward to seeing you on the Soapbox.

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  1. Obvious first rant: I’ve heard from reliable sources that the Salient Editor has been squandering money on caviar for his friends.

  2. Guido says:

    *wipes caviar off face*


  3. Jackson Wood says:

    Not this is not true. I’ve been squandering friends trying to produce caviar so I can make money. Don’t. Ask. Questions.

  4. Mike the Courier says:


    yea that’s right, cobber, i’ve got three bobs worth of a convo I’d like to ‘ave a chinwag with you lot about. I’ve got some thoughts and feelins and you fuggin woofters are gonna listen.

  5. Adam says:

    God, I haven’t heard the word ‘woofter’ used since I was, like, eight. Way to bring back repressed and unwanted childhood memories, Mike.

  6. Mike the Courier says:

    Too farken right, cobber.

  7. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    I think this Soapbox medium is just aching for the eloquent pearls of wisdom in rant form of one Dr Peter Manglethwaite.

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