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August 10, 2009 | by  | in Opinion |
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This is an apology.

I apologise to the families affected by Salient’s proposed Lundy500.

We did not anticipate your feelings when we were planning this. It was a mistake on our behalf. We could never imagine the hurt and pain you all must have gone through and go through every time something like this is brought up.

As stated, we were trying to address a wider issue with the justice system—the presentation of deeply flawed evidence and the convictions that this may lead to.

The way in which we did this was tasteless and unthoughtful.

We hope the family can, if not forgive us, then at least understand where we were coming from.

JJW and the Salient team

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  1. Gibbon says:

    Good on you for apologising.
    However, I am slightly concerned that NO ONE picked up that this would be a bad idea. Why was that?

  2. Shitkicker McGee says:

    Because it never was a bad idea?

  3. Groggy says:

    Because thinking is overrrated when a cheap publicity stunt is in the air

  4. Matthias says:

    You didn’t anticipate at all that this would cause distress to the families involved? I find it hard to believe that this didn’t come up at some point, I imagine the people affected will find it hard to believe as well. Hopefully they get something out of the apology.

  5. Smelling the Roses says:

    I don’t think the Lundy 500 was in bad taste at all…the family need to get real. The justice system is badly in need of reform, and how else do students bring this to the attention of the public than with a stunt? Oh, a MARCH? Yeah, right – only 500 people turned out for the ACE cuts; bring out the bloody violin!

  6. It's not unreasonable says:

    Matthiarse, you holy-than-thou twat, how very big of you to condemn after the fact. Cocks like you are the reason most people don’t bother apologising.

  7. Ralph Fiennes says:

    Definitely too soon for the Lundy 500. But since The Killing of Sophie Elliott has already been on TV One, how about a Weatherston-themed dance party?

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