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September 24, 2009 | by  | in Online Only |
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Production night bites 2

Another quality production day/night commentary bought to you by those who never sleep at the Salient office.


Mood: Why am I in the Salient office so fucking late/early? Fuck knows.
Music: The hum of the computers and drip of the panel heater.
Completion level: 10%
Peeve of the moment: no shower. no shoes.


Mood: Bouncy/constipated
Music: mc chris — Dungeon Master of Ceremonies
Completion level: 50% but stalled
Peeve of the moment: Rainy rain rain


MJO checking in.

Mood: Contemplative/transcribey.
Music: The docile tones of VUWSA President Jasmine Freemantle talking issues about things.
Completion level: Salient—55%. MJO—20%. Kia ora, news for Africa, kia ora.
Peeve of the moment: BROKEN HEADPHONES.


MJO again-o was his name-o, but not quite-o.

Mood: Newsensual
Music: Ben Folds’ Acapella. Boxing, evidently, has been good to him.
Completion level: Salient—65%, MJO—50%. Newsiness is the business.
Peeve of the moment: What’s this unwelcome winter all about? F-off, bro. Youse is crampin’ my styles.


O-wee-oo with MJO.

Mood: Work-addled, but otherwise in the zone.
Music: The hum of six computer fans a-buzzin’.
Completion level: Salient—I have no idea, but it’s looking good on screen. MJO—75%.
Peeve of the moment: None at all—Madeleine Setchell from the Coms Department is all kinds of awesome. :D


I’m MJOwning this blog.

Mood:Sugar-addled, which as a diabetic isn’t really the best thing to be.
Music: This soothing kinda ambient-machine-blustering music coming from Rory’s mp3 player.
Completion level: We’re making a magazine tonight? BUT IT’S FIGHT NIGHT.
Peeve of the moment: Not being able to drop a powerbomb on someone through a table. YOU HEAR ME, HULK HOGAN? YOU HEAR ME?


MJ Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of… water… or something, I dunno.

Mood: My wrists are sore. What would Mike the Courier say about this? (“GET YER FUGGIN HAND OFF IT, COBBER! HA HA!”)
Music: The Arcade Fire, courtesy of Rarah Sobson.
Completion Level: 80%—the last 20% takes fo-ev-ah.
Peeve of the moment: All out of Week That Wasn’t ideas. What kind of monster am I?

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  1. Graeme says:

    mmm… production night bites.

    Incidentally – thanks for the production night bites last week =)

  2. Renee Lyons says:

    Arcade Fire is awesome! :D

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