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October 5, 2009 | by  | in Opinion |
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CanDo column

Hello everyone, I’m Robert Latimer, I have been elected to the position of CanDo President this year.

CanDo is the rep group of VUWSA that deals with students with impairments or disabilities and also the environment that the students are in.

This covers a wide range of possible issues, not only just education issues that are caused by their impairments, but also how others impact with them.

We have a good working relationship with Disability student support (DSS) who is the first point of call for students who have either long term or short term impairments.

They deal with impairments or disabilities that hinder your ability to learn or finish your studies at uni. This could be an impairment you have had for years, or just a broken arm or leg that is just limiting your learning in the short term.

CanDo has just started getting itself sorted for the first time in a couple of years. We are hoping to have it be more like a social group for all students’ not just those with impairments or disabilities but also to help break down the biggest barrier to students with impairments or disability, misinformation, fear and lack of understanding individual and not just their impairments or disabilities. This also includes mental health issues like depression and bi polar to name a few. The ability of CanDo is that its able to cover and try to deal with issues which the students who are members of CanDo have so its for the members.

As always we welcome new members and of course ideas, which you can either email CanDo through VUWSA. Or if you see CanDo events come and see what they are about. We enjoy working with other groups to get the best for the students of CanDo, and hope that all students help make Vic a where all students are treated equal and seen as they are and not as their impairment. This should be seen as the most important issue to face us as a culture when we are spending and changing the altitudes of our children against any form decimation.

Uni is a place where we come to learn of new ways, thoughts, abilities and skills. Of different cultures, different histories, explains things that you had just ‘believed’ in before. So let this also be a place where each human is treated as a human, even if it takes a little longer then your used to.

CanDo will help out those who feel outcast by there disabilities and is a group wear everyone can socialize.

We are hoping to have CanDo make a huge different to many students lives.

Robert Latimer and Kyal Little

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