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October 12, 2009 | by  | in News |
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Student arrested for hacking “just about everything”

A Victoria University of Wellington Computer Science major was arrested on Friday in relation to a string of online crime described as the worst in New Zealand’s history.

Neil Edgeimon, who went by the moniker “goku_karori_28,” was arrested in his Karori flat after police were tipped off by a post on the semi-popular Vegetafighter/Forum.

Edgeimon stands accused of orchestrating a series of crimes against just about every single computer on the internet.

“We’re looking to press charges, but we’re in consultation with both Interpol and the CIA,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Grant Williams.

“This is an unprecedented case, and we want to make sure we do everything correctly.”

Computers from Manhattan to Berlin were compromised last week by an elaborate, but altogether amateurish, bombardment of emails.

It was reported the emails contained the words “heh” and “smirk” shaped in the likeness of a middle finger.

Edgeimon, who was a regular poster on the anime-themed discussion forum, Vegetafighter/forum, had discussed at length the relative ease in which he could hack “everything.”

“Smirk, gamakuns everywhere won’t know the full fury of my sweet 1337 treats, heh,” Edgeimon allegedly wrote as goku_karori_28.

“All I need is a 56 kb/s connection, a Family Guy bogglehead and some ’Dew, and the whole world will be shown for the chibi gamu_kun otaku sons they really are.

Heh, look out, world. Here comes the G_K_28 man, smirk.”

Discussion upon the forum has been rife since Edgeimon’s arrest, with many insisting up0n the student’s innocence.

“i thought hiz username was chibi_trunks_kelburn, or was he petrone_powa_82?” asked Otaki_Otaku_43.

“He’s def not goku_karori_28.”


Despite this, Williams was “positive” they had the right man.

“I can’t comment further other than to say we are very pleased with the arrest, and that the investigation is ongoing.

We will be questioning associates of Mr. Edgeimon in the coming days,” Detective Williams said.

“The suggestion that we’ve been duped by a 20-something computer nerd is, quite frankly, ridiculous.”

Heh… guess you’ll never know, gamu_kan, how much of a chibi you really are.

See you on the other side of the thin blue line. Smirk.

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  1. I think the name of the game is to get away with it. Not post it on public forums. Don’t brag as this will surly not help you. and if you can get away with it erase your tracks. Maybe the guy that really did this just happen to use he user name any away case he must have been really stupid. but really smart.


  2. MJO says:

    “Web Design” Richardson vs “Weird Al” Yankovic, coming only to Fight Week 2010.

  3. LOLCatapult says:

    Dude I’m there! No shit, I was there – not there, actually there, but over there, on THAT computer when the hacking commenced.

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