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October 5, 2009 | by  | in News |
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Students opt for “the hot one.”

Kia ora, reliable students, kia ora.

Students were given the opportunity to vote for their choice of candidate in the VUWSA 2010 Election.

However, VUWSA 2010 Election results have revealed a little more than next year’s electives, showing no more than 1500 students made the effort to vote and, on average, 45% selected a vote of ‘no confidence’ when available.

When Salient spoke to students, their opinion was unanimous. They do not feel well informed about the VUWSA Elections. A staggering average of three students in a class of 20, voted.

While most students could name the current President of VUWSA, students felt little information was available to them about the running candidates.

“I would arrive in class to find their voting information scribbled on,” says one student “How am I meant to know what they are saying?”

One voter explained he had read their online blogs when deciding to cast his vote.

“I was just looking for someone who knew what they were talking about,” he says.

While some students investigated their candidates before casting a ‘wise’ vote, other students based their vote on the sound of their candidates names, the ‘coolness’ of their poster or their level of attractiveness.

“I think it’s harder to dislike a hot guy, I’d probably trust his judgement more,” retorts one voter.

As for the VUWSA Candidates Election Campaigns, many students felt they were left uninformed and clueless, divulging into lecture visits by candidates, some who simply asked students to vote for them because their mom would.

“I didn’t vote for her,” one student quickly replied.

Most students voted online from the link provided in a mass email, sent to all students enrolled at Victoria University, but many conceded had it not been for the email, they would not have bothered at all.

“I think it’s just down to our own laziness,” an honest student replied.

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