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March 29, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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Acting Vice President Education


Madam Smuttypants,

I am sorry for the offence my wild apostrophes have caused.
I shall try better next time.

Yours truly,
Bridie Hood

The last few weeks have been busy for the Education Team at VUWSA. We have been preparing for Class Representative training, interviewing students for Faculty Delegate positions and we are beginning to suss out a plan for the Alternative Student Guide.

We have decided to do things a bit different with our student reps this year at VUWSA, a brand new year, a brand new start. VUWSA is integrating the representative system at Victoria, from Class Reps to Council Reps, so that we as students have the best possible student representation. Last week Max, Seamus and I interviewed those who were keen to be a Faculty Delegate. A Faculty Delegate is a student who attends, would you have guessed it, Faculty Board meetings!

Their role is to keep an eye on the changes faculties are trying to make and to make sure student opinions are considered on all matters before it. Faculty Delegates are a really important part of student representation here at Victoria. They help to ensure that changes aren’t going to negatively affect students and they help to keep a check and balance on the faculties that make us pay $500+ for a 12 week course.

Another important aspect of representation here at VUWSA is Class Representatives.

I know when I started at Vic last year, my POLS teacher said that we had to elect a Class Rep. He said he didn’t know what they actually did, but VUWSA and the University said we needed one, so we should have one. I know that probably sounds familiar to a lot of you as well. But like Faculty Delegates, Class Representatives play a key role in monitoring your education standards.

If you have a problem with the lecturer, maybe they have changed the date of an assignment or you are just having trouble understanding, concepts because they don’t explain them well enough, your Class Rep is the one to see. They are given training and support from VUWSA so they know how to deal with issues that come their way.

I urge all of you to get involved with decisions making processes at the University. We’re the number one stakeholders of this institution, so we should be having HUGE input into decisions. So run in the VUWSA by-election, become a Class Representative next trimester or email me about what you think needs changing around here – get involved!

Bridie Hood

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