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Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball Arena Tour


I program a student radio station and will probably lose much credibility writing this review and—shock—saying that I really really enjoyed this show. It was, in all actuality, the show of a lifetime. I could write a small book with what I have to say about Lady Gaga and this show. 400 words will barely do it justice.

Now, I know pop music sucks. It’s trashy and disposable, suited to an audience with a three-second attention span. But while her songwriting may be lacking in parts, Lady Gaga is on a whole other level. It is definitely in the pop-as-art realm, trickling with Warholian attitude and tightly laced in its Haute Couture stylings. By looking at the crowd at the full capacity show (both nights sold out) you can see the huge amount of crossover there is within her fan base—from the pop tart Supre teens (a mass of whom wilted in their stiletto heels and had to be carried out), to the latex-loving BDSM crowd. Within the two-hour show she costume changed 17 times, played ballads on a burning piano, got swept up by a tornado Dorothy-style, fought a huge lantern-fish squid creature, paddled in a massive angel-shaped fountain while it blew fire out its wings… and I’m not even going into detail. It was madness. She brought three Boeing 747s worth of costume and set with her and you could tell.

If you YouTube her ‘Bad Romance’ performance from this Auckland show, the last song from the intensive two-hour set, you can see just how utterly exhausted and overwhelmed she was, collapsing later off stage. I missed most of this, screaming, “I don’t want to be friends” and jumping up and down with the 15,000 other people in the arena. Maybe she was as shocked as I was to see that many New Zealanders in one place for something that wasn’t rugby.

My flatmate and myself are now woefully obsessed. On the second night, which I regrettably missed, she spoke to the crowd, saying, “Last night was my first date with New Zealand. Tonight is my second. And you know what that means… it means I can suck your dick without feeling like a slut.” She’s a free bitch, baby, and we love her for it.

Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball Arena Tour
Saturday 13th March 2010
Vector Arena, Auckland

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