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LOL news

LOL news

Leprechaun shot dead on St Patrick’s Day

Not so lucky after all
An armed holdup at the First State Bank in Nashville, Tennessee ended with police shooting and killing two bank robbers, one of whom was dressed as a Leprechaun.

Witnesses say the man—who wore a fake beard, green top hat, vest and shorts, and a wig—entered the bank during the lunchtime rush with an accomplice, carrying a gun. After stealing an undisclosed amount of money, the two men sped away from police in their paddywagon.

They eventually ditched the car and ran into a nearby field where they were shot and killed by police as they tried to find the end of the rainbow.

The money has since been recovered and returned to the bank. Police efforts to identify the men continue.

Sister uses toilet lid as weapon

Parents flushed with shame

Sibling rivalry went down the shitter last weekend when a woman allegedly reached for the lid of a toilet tank to beat the crap out of her sister.

Nitasha Johnson has since been arrested by Iowa City Police and charged with domestic assault causing injury.

With a bond of $1500, she remains in jail. Officials are unsure whether she has employed an attorney.

Surfing Peruvian Alpaca…

Do we really need to say any more?

Over the past ten years, Peruvian surfer Domingo Pianezzi has taught a dog, a parrot, a cat, and a hamster how to surf, but has defied the odds again by teaching his pet alpaca how to hang ten.

The alpaca named Pisco wore his own life jacket last Tuesday as he took to the waves with Pianezzi in Lima, capital of Peru. The trip was short-lived, however, as Pisco, who was crouched on the front of the three-metre board, freaked out and proceeded to leap into the water after catching the first few seconds of each wave.

Experts say this is good hang time for an alpaca.

Man in wheelchair escapes police custody


A Perth man arrested in connection with a series of car jackings and a high speed police chase has evaded them yet again, this time escaping from a wheelchair.

Colin Bradley Little, 27, was admitted to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital last week under police surveillance for injuries sustained in the car chase.

As police escorted Little, unstrained and in a wheelchair out of the hospital on Thursday morning, he simply jumped up and ran away.

Over 100 police officers spent the day looking for Little… Haha.ha. Shame.


0mg fuk ths iz aws0m! –x Becky G x– <3

s0 lyk MTV gt ths c0mpetishn atm 4 Spr Sweet 16 in NZ n fuk bro itz guna b mean az!

Al u gota do iz tel thm y u shuld hav a Spr Sweet 16 n yea… U go in tha draw 2 win shit. Im fukn hapi ae, I alwyz wantd a real expensif par-t wif ma m8s n thos hott guyz from ma lowa hutt sko0l bus… 0oh yea, skux bro! Uz kno hu iz talkn bowt! We got wsted wif dem on scrumpi… SCRUMPIIIII!!! xox lolz i luff uz guys so0o0o0 much!

Newayz, fukn rite MTV a letta, biatch. I wana win sum shit ae. N dnt 4get 2 vote coz uz mite…

Holy fuck up a lamp post, how do people write like this?

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