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Out of Sync: Moscow Olympics – Cut the World

Out of sync

Where Salient takes a look at an album that was out of sync with the prevailing musical zeitgeist at the time of its release, but has managed to gain new lustre with the benefit of retrospect.

2008: Moscow Olympics – Cut the World (Lavender Recordings)

Cut the World
Few genres can be as thankless for bands to enter into as shoegaze. After all, it’s widely accepted that My Bloody Valentine perfected the form with Loveless back in ‘91, effectively rendering the efforts of all future wannabe shoegazers an exercise in futility by default. And that’s where Moscow Olympics come in. With 2008’s Cut the World this unheralded Filipino outfit created perhaps the finest post-Loveless shoegaze album, almost two decades after the genre was supposed to have run out of breath.

Paradoxically, Moscow Olympics’ success is largely down to their ditching of the obligatory Kevin Shields fuzz tone, opting instead for a clean, New Order-inspired, fast strum, ably supported by airy keyboards and melodic bass leads. It makes for a delightful dream-pop template, and in 7 songs spread concisely over 28 minutes there isn’t a single wasted note. Sure, you could call it an anachronism, but Cut the World is so flawless that to ignore it would be the far graver crime.

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  1. Basil says:

    My Bloody Vajayjay, the real crime here is that you neglected to namecheck Teenage Filmstars.

  2. Thyme says:

    By “Pilipino outfit” did you mean Filipino?

  3. Kim Wheatley says:

    Yikes! Fixed now anyway, thanks Thyme.

  4. r4i sdhc says:

    The best move was thrusting out her right skate to make sure the time was registered as quickly as possible. It is sharp and contrasty, with smooth focusing action and the aperture click-stops. The wall of sounds are okay but never really go anywhere.

  5. Alpha says:

    To fuck with the Nintendo R4 whatsits, whoever is writing those CANNOT be a human – that makes no sense whatsoever.

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