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March 15, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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That’s so gay

That's so gay

Alright, just so you all know, I really love Korean pop music (K-pop). Catchy songs, sweet choreography, which I guess makes sense since they’ve all been training for it since they were wee tikes. And to be honest with you they’re all pretty babin’. So one day in my excitement, I showed a pic to my friend while we were chatting ( The first thing xe said was “Ewww Asians”. And I was like WHAA-!! I was a little dismayed at the response, to be honest.

My rant this week is generously fuelled by my sorrow that only my flatmate and I seem to think that TVXQ and B2ST makes for a mega babefest. Yeah, racism in dating/sexing/finding love—although I’m not sure about using the term racism though, cos it’s not utter hatred, it’s kinda like ‘ethnophobia’ which sounds maybe a bit less hateful and more misunderstanding/unaccepting (to me anyway).

The most common place I see this behaviour is when my ‘friend’ is on All these profiles say things like “no Asians or Indians thanks…”. A quick search on Google tells me that there are roughly 3,776,000,000 people living in Asia, that’s about half of the people in the world, then take into account Asian immigrants, you are cutting a shitload of people out of the picture—way to ruin a chance. It’d be a shame if the perfect person for you/a superb root passed you by because xe was some ethnicity that you don’t agree with.

Often these “no Asians” comments are quickly followed with, “I’m not racist, it’s just a preference”. Which kinda seems a bit valid to me. But where do you draw the line between someone’s preference for a partner and a somewhat racist looking statement? I’d say it’s in the word ‘no’. I prefer Pokemon Silver to Pokemon Ruby, however it does not mean I will rule out playing the latter game—a preference is something you might choose over something else, it doesn’t rule out options.

I’m sure I’m supposed to have something like a point to wrap this up, I guess it’s just something like “Don’t be so picky” or “People are individuals, treat them that way”. I dunno, you probably get what I mean.

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  1. Freya Eng says:

    Whatever, Pokemon Ruby rules!

  2. smackdown says:

    i think it’s more to do with human being’s propensity for categorising other human beings. it’s a very shallow and empty way to look at the world.

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