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April 19, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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Activities Officer

TO: The all VIC students you are all Awsome and beautiful

Hey everyone hope you are all rested and ready for another slice of Study but if that’s got you down after such a awsome/sunny holidays ( I was in Levin it’s right next to sunny Otaki ftw) VUWSA will take care of you!!!.

We are looking to hold the VUWSA poker tournament in the coming weeks so look out for posters/facebook for it and other activities coming up. excited yet? if not or the activities don’t tickle your fancy message me on and blast you ideas at me cause your definitely a genius. you made the best choice ever (welly+ vic =win)

did you know that VUWSA is on the ground floor of the student union building !!! and if you come in early on wednesday and friday you will get free bread!!! and smiles!!! also feel free to say hi to your loyal representatives and ask any questions you may have.

with winter coming, complaint’s about missing spooning partners and letters about winter relationships needed ( body warmth is defs better than any pink batts) I’ve been asked to hold a speed dating event if interested contact me and hopefully we could get a diverse group of singles together for some winter bliss
Feedback from students:
Manav says: I want Victoria university to be in the world top200 cause I pay tuition fees and demand the best

illicitcandy*:Would like to express my gratitude to VUWSA for the free bread and help in the way of the food bank when finances were running low

* pseudonym

hope to see you all around

kind regards
Alan Young
Activities Officer

Editor’s note: We don’t edit the exec columns, we print them as submitted. Why you may ask? It specifies in the Editor’s job description that the President’s Column is to be “unedited subject to libel laws”. General exec members play by the same rules. An offer of assistance with spelling and grammar was extended to exec members at the beginning of the year. As yet, no one has approached Salient for advice or help. And so we will continue to print the exec columns untouched. It’s more fun that way.

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  1. s says:

    I see no problem here. Alan Young, you are the demons!

  2. s says:

    !snomed eht era uoy ,gnuoY nalA .ereh melborp on ees I

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