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April 19, 2010 | by  | in Visual Arts |
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Anthony McCall: Drawing with Light

The Adam Art Gallery offers a dynamic year-round programme featuring works by both national and international artists. Known for its visually stimulating exhibitions, the Adam seeks to curate pieces that inspire and challenge. Their current show, Anthony McCall: Drawing with Light, not only fulfils, but surpasses this mandate. As one of the headlining visual art shows of the International Arts Festival, Drawing with Light is the first time that McCall’s ‘solid light’ films have been shown in New Zealand.

British-born McCall has built a reputation for his exploration and testing of the limits of film. McCall’s early works, such as ‘Landscape for Fire’, were characterised by his use of outdoor performances and a minimalist use of the elements. After moving to New York in 1973, McCall began to develop his ‘solid light’ series, simple projections which emphasise the sculptural qualities of light. After withdrawing from the art world for more than 20 years, McCall’s most recent body of work, some of which is on display at the Adam again, explores solid light, this time swapping 16mm film for digital projectors.

Drawing with Light is an immersive and enthralling collection of light installations, slide and film works which are further enhanced by a collection of works on paper. This selection of works reveal the inner complexity of what, at first glance, could be seen as a simple exercise of film and light projection. Mathematical and precise, I found these ‘preparatory’ works to be almost as intriguing as the solid light films themselves.

The unique architecture of the Adam, with its multitude of levels, nicely complements this exhibition, especially those works situated in the Lower Chartwell Gallery. Visitors can either move through the works or view them from above, with each perspective offering a unique viewing experience. Only on until the 25th of April I highly recommend that you soothe your post-holiday blues by taking the time to visit this fascinating show.

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Anthony McCall: Drawing with Light
Adam Art Gallery

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