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April 26, 2010 | by  | in Theatre |
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Things You Should See In The Comedy Festival —Which Started This Week In Case You Haven’t Noticed—Which You Probably Haven’t—You Ignorance Cauldron—You Make Me Sick—I Hope You Choke On Your Own Idiocy Before You Follow Any Of My Brilliant Recommendations with your chum Uther Dean

International Acts That Are From Overseas But Don’t Hold That Against Them Because They’ll Very Probs Be Real Good

Jarleth Regan (San Fran, 3 – 8 May, 7pm).

Maeve Higgins—A Rare Sight (BATS, 4 – 8 May, 6.30pm)

Miles Jupp (San Fran, 26 April – 1 May, 7pm)

Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane (Downstage, 4 – 8 May, 8pm)

Local Acts That You Probably Have Already Heard Of But Are Actually Either As Good As The Hype Or Only Slightly Worse Than It Or You Haven’t But Will Still Be Good Trust Me

Benjamin Crellin—The Games We Play (Garden Club, 28 April – 1 May, 10pm)

Cori Gonzalez-Macuer Is In2 Muzik (Fringe Bar, 11 – 15 May, 7pm)

The Improvisers’ Shakespeare the Musical and Holmes Alone (Circa Two, 27 April – 1 May, 7.30pmm & 9.30pm)

Jamie Bowen—A Rational Fear Of Concrete (BATS, 27 April – 1 May, 8pm)

The Comediettes—Better Living (BATS, 5 – 8 May, 9.30pm)

James Nokise—Is This It? (BATS, 27 April – 1 May, 6.30pm)

Little Moustache—Laugh Experiences (Club Ivy, 6 – 8 May, 10pm)

Miscellaneous Etc (Club Ivy, 28 April – 1 May, 10pm)

Mrs. Peacock—Nature’s Beast (Fringe Bar, 12 – 15 May, 10pm)

TJ MacDonald—A Māori Ate My Great Grandad (Fringe Bar, 4 – 8 May, 7pm)

The Two Shows You Definitly Have To See Because They’ll Be Amazing And If You Don’t Go I’m Banning You From The Theatre Pages

Josie Long—Be Honorable (Club Ivy, 4 – 8 May, 8.30pm)

The Giant Face (BATS, 11 – 15 May, 9.30pm)

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Uther was one of the two arts editors in 2009. He was the horoscopier and theatre writer in 2010. Alongside Elle Hunt, Uther was coeditor in 2011.

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