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May 10, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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Probing the Punters

Once again, Rebecca Collyns goes in search of punters to probe about this week’s pressing issues: feminism, the budget and, uh, Disney babes.

1. Are you a feminist?
2. In your opinion, who is the hottest Disney character?
3. Do you know what the
budget is?
4. What was the best meal you had over the weekend?
5. Coke or Pepsi?

Georgia, 18, Architecture
1. No.
2. Pocahontas.
3. No I do not.
4. Sunday brunch at Victoria House.
5. Coke.

Ryan, 18, Architecture
1. No.
2. Oh god, there’s so many… Little Mermaid.
3. Nope, I’m not interested in politics.
4. Noodles cause I lurve noodles.
5. Definitely Coke because Pepsi tastes like plastic.

Rachel, 25, Media Studies
1. Uhm sort of, I’m in between.
2. Uhm I dunno this is completely random but… Uhm Mickey Mouse.
3. Nope.
4. Uhm probably rice dinner at my parents.
5. Coke.

Kiera, 33, Psychology
1. Yup.
2. I have to say Pluto because he would make a wicked bass player.
3. Nah… *discuss education budget cuts* Yeah I do know about that.
4. I’ve been studying all weekend and living on rice. I don’t think there was anything good in there.
5. If I had the money I’d go Pepsi but Coke is cheaper.

Talya, 18, English Literature and Media
1. No I don’t really consider myself one. I’m all for women’s rights but the image most people have of feminists is extreme.
2. I reckon Aladdin’s pretty up there but you can’t ignore Simba either.
3. I don’t know.
4. I went out for Indian last night at Tulsi which was really good.
5. Pepsi all the way. It’s totally the drink of Back to the Future.

Gracie, 19, Pols
1. Oui oui.
2. Ariel.
3. No.
4. I had pancakes for dinner last night.
5. I’ll be a corporate whore and say Coke.

Callum, 22, Anthropology and Biology
1. Ahh yes.
2. I dunno, ohh… Ariel.
3. The budget is the expenditure of the government. Well it’s meant to be anyway.
4. Definitely a double quarter pounder. It was delicious.
5. Definitely Coke.

Zoe, Lisa, Lucy
19, 19, 20
BA/BTeach, BA/BTeach, BA/BTeach

1. Uhm yeah on the fence; Not ragingly; Only some days.
2. Simba; the Beast; Ariel.
3. Is it a movie?; Uhm my boyfriend was rambling on about it yesterday?; It’s government spending.
4. Pizza King; Scopa; Cooked breakfast on Sunday.
5. Coke; Neither; Pepsi.

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