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Probing the Punters

  1. Where are you from?
  2. Who won the British elections?
  3. What are the most yolks you’ve ever seen in one egg?
  4. Have you seen the whales in Wellington Harbour?
  5. Who would win the battle between a tiger and a shark?

Danielle, 19, BSC, majoring in Psychology

  1. Upper Hutt.
  2. Uhm… a political party.
  3. Two. Multiple times from working at McDonalds.
  4. No I have not.
  5. Oh crap uhm… a tiger would always win.

Donovan, 20, Pols and IR

  1. Tauranga.
  2. David Cameron’s got the majority.
  3. I’ve seen three before.
  4. Nah.
  5. Tiger.

Adrian, 23, Law

  1. My family is from Cinque Terre which is in Italy.
  2. It’s a hung parliament at the moment.
  3. Uhm two I think.
  4. What whales?
  5. Tiger all the way but it’d have to be really, really big.

Sarah, 20, BA majoring in Philosophy

  1. Upper Hutt.
  2. I did.
  3. Just one.
  4. Uhm, I’ve seen some yeah.
  5. Fucking shark. Honestly, have you seen those teeth?! It would eat the tiger’s face! (I have a soft spot for sharks.)

Christian, 20, Linguistics and Psychology

  1. I’m English.
  2. Don’t know, don’t care. Frankly I wouldn’t care if the Queen died either.
  3. Six, I used to be a prep chef.
  4. Yeah, it caused a car accident.
  5. Tiger.

Matt, 19, BCA economics major

  1. Wellington.
  2. Uhh Tony Blair.
  3. Two actually.
  4. No.
  5. Shark.

Rachel, 20, BA majoring in English Literature

  1. Vancouver.
  2. Honestly haven’t a clue.
  3. Just the one, actually.
  4. No, but I’ve swum with dolphins.
  5. It depends where they’re fighting… But a tiger has limbs and therefore the advantage.

Lauren, 18, Law, Psychology and French

  1. Upper Hutt
  2. I dunno. I should know but I don’t.
  3. One. I don’t eat eggs, they’re gross.
  4. No. But I’ve seen dolphins.
  5. I’m gonna say tiger.

Liam, 18, Law

  1. Wellington.
  2. Uhh the Torys.
  3. One.
  4. I haven’t.
  5. Tigers can move better??
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