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Probing the punters

Ah, the ever-intrepid Rebecca Collyns heads out in search of punters to probe.

  1. How big is your student loan?
  2. What is your best money saving tip?
  3. What is your guilty money-wasting pleasure?
  4. How do you avoid getting wet on your way to uni?
  5. What’s your favourite type of pie?

Yates, 18, CUP

  1. It’s only four grand at the moment.
  2. Spend it.
  3. Port.
  4. Rain jacket.
  5. Mince and cheese.

Hayley, 18, Film and Theatre

  1. Quite large.
  2. Put it into an account I can’t see.
  3. Male prostitutes.
  4. I don’t.
  5. Apple pie with ice cream.

Herbert, 17, Religious Studies

  1. Huge.
  2. Scrumpies.
  3. Hangover food.
  4. I don’t go.
  5. Spinach.

Georgina, 20, History and Classics

  1. $2500.
  2. Don’t crash your car.
  3. Nothing, I don’t spend any money.
  4. I stole my brother’s rain jacket today.
  5. Mince.

Kelly and Haruyasa, 20 and 31, Japanese and Tourism

  1. I don’t have one./ Neither.
  2. I’m pretty bad at saving… Don’t splash it all out./ I spread mine across three or four accounts.
  3. There’s a few… Food and alcohol./ Same.
  4. I catch the bus./ I live near here.
  5. Steak and cheese./ Apple pie.

Sam, 18, LLB and BCA

  1. I think it’s seven grandish. Give or take a couple of hundred.
  2. Don’t have lunch.
  3. Salmon bagels from VicBooks.
  4. Umbrella slash catching buses.
  5. Steak and mushrooms.
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