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Wanna go to China this summer?

No plans for summer yet? Are you studying Political Science or International Relations? Feel like spending three weeks in Beijing, and maybe exploring Asia a bit further? Salient thinks you should totally apply for the China Field Study summer course.

What’s the deal? The China Field Study is a summer course (POLS378/INTP378) that includes three weeks of lessons and field trips in Beijing as well as two weeks of classes back in Wellington at the end of trimester three.

While you’re in Beijing, you are hosted by the lovely people at the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). Yes, there are a few classes to attend (before you ask, the classes are in English), but you have heaps of time to visit the important historical and political sites and explore the city. Not to mention you actually get to meet some of the important players in modern Chinese politics.

When the first part of the course is over in Beijing, you can also use the fact you are already in China as an excuse to do some more travelling in China or a little further afield. Some students on the 2008/2009 course went to Tibet, while others explored the south of China and Vietnam. Just be back in Wellington in time for those classes at the end of the summer trimester.

Keen? If you need further convincing/information, head to the POLS website, or contact Course Coordinator Jason Young at Jason.Young@vuw.ac.nz.

Applications close at the end of June, so hurry up and get organised.

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  1. Mohsin Nazir says:

    I wanna visit to China for business tour. So please tell me accurate city for any business and visa procedure, living procedure.

  2. smackdown says:

    you can stay at my house

  3. I am going to China this summer for a business trip and also like to enjoy the holidays. Chinese civilization is one of oldest one. The cities become world class now a days. There are many thing to view over there.

  4. Wee Hamish (who did not stop crying from Aberdeen to Auckland) says:

    Ack! Mai dad tried ta send me ta China but tha people at NZ post figured out aye wassnae a settee when aye started crying.

  5. Shitkicker McGee says:

    Mmm sushi

  6. Gordon from Glasgow says:


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