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July 19, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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Education Vice-President

Executive column

Hey everyone!

Hope your first week back was awesome! OMG! The start of trimester is soooo much fun! Apart from waiting in line for ages at Vic Books. That’s pretty shit. And wasting one whole lecture going through the course outline. But apart from that, good fun!

Class Representatives

Hopefully by this time your class would have picked a class representative. If not you should get onto your lecturer about it as they are an important part of representation here at Victoria. Making sure you and your classmates get the most out of your pingaz! If you have signed up to be a class rep, thanks! And we hope to see you at one of our trainings soon. If you have any doubts, questions or comments about the process give me an email—

VUWSA Alternative Student Guide

So fingers crossed by the time you read this the VASG will be getting designed and soon will be off at the printers. Thank you to all the 100 level students who filled out these surveys. We have had some really great feedback from you all and all the lecturers who were surveyed have been contacted and most of them, with the exclusion of a few departments who I think want to kill me, have been really interested in your feedback and will be taking it on board for next year.

The VASG will be launched on August 27th, which is Study at Vic day, so look around for it when you come back to school (as it is released during the mid trimester break) or we will have a pdf version of out website.

VUWSA By-Election

Keep an eye out to see who is running in the VUWSA by-election and make sure you vote for someone (or no confidence if you’re more of a fan). VUWSA is YOUR Students’ Association, so you should make sure your voice is being heard!

On another note, make sure you all get involved in Environment Week; even if you have an argument that is so powerful you don’t need to talk about, create some controversy and get involved! Zack has organised some really awesome events to raise awareness on Environmental issues.

Until next time lovelies!

<3 Bridie

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