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July 26, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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In the Week that Wasn’t: First Year Enjoys Drinking for Taste

The Week That Wasn't

Claims He’s Still All About the “Good Times”

First-Year Law and Commerce student Phil Heedie shocked friends this week when he claimed to prefer drinking for the taste, rather than drinking to get drunk.

“I used to think we just drank for the good times, eh.”

Heedie’s realisation came last Wednesday, when he accidentally ordered a Tuatara Hefe, instead of his old favourite Tui, at a bar in town.

“I was like, real smashed, and couldn’t remember what animal it was, eh.”

When his beer cost twice the price and tasted “real good, eh”, Heedie knew something was up.

Heedie has since taken to purchasing boutique beers and drinking in moderation, an experience which he says has totally changed his perspective.

“I thought I, like, knew the good times, eh. But these are the real good times.”

Salient understands that Heedie has now replaced his old haunts, the Big Kumara and Temperance, with Courtenay Place’s The Malthouse.

But although Heedie still claims to be about the good times, his reformed opinions have not been received well by others.

Friends of the student are alarmed at Heedie’s rapid change in behaviour and attitude.

“Phil used to be our boy, eh. Yesterday he told me Tui was actually a bit shit. That’s not boys, eh.”

Negative comments made by Heedie on the Facebook page “Tui, Shit Yeah” have also caused problems in his circle of friends.

Heedie says that he hopes these conflicts can be resolved over a cold pint of Epic Pale Ale.

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  1. Epic Beer says:

    Anything can be resolved over a pint of Epic Pale Ale

  2. smackdown says:

    what about alcoholism huh

    how insensitive of u

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