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Trends are the merry-go-round of fashion

Eco chic has been in the energy efficient spotlight for a while now, and may have added to green Kiwis’ interest in recycled clothing. Vintage plays on your inner dramatist and second-hand clothing is affordable.

My wardrobe mainly consists of my mother and grandmother’s old clothes, which is why I like recycled trends. However, it is with morbid curiosity that my friend noted that The Nanny’s bold attire is now filtering into fashion. Furthermore, it was to my horror that I witnessed an ankle-length denim skirt in a shop window just the other day. Just because they happened once doesn’t mean they should again.

50s ladylike lengths and curves are in full swing for women thanks to a little nudge from Prada and Louis Vuitton. Old school class is the ‘new modesty’, just leave the dishwashing gloves under the sink.

For Mad Men, classic never dates. Suiting up casually by showcasing one or two aspects each time, such as cufflinks, a blazer, a hat, or Brogues is worth a try. Patterns and checks are big as in Michael Patterson’s collection, which gives a lot more to work with.

It may seem odd for most of you that recent trends have already done a lap in our own youth. Some things that are allowed out of the 90s, such as leggings, are tamer after their first exposure. Leotards have also made the move from statement to staple.

For the guys the white t-shirt is still predominant. Thanks to designers like Federation, the statement tee is popular as are tops of various lengths and fabrics. Black is back as in Kris van Assche’s collection, along with layering in Sacai’s. Winter coats work best in charcoal and black in the duffer style. Jackets are still all about the leather. Cardigans, beanies, and knits are comfortably an easy trend.

The feminine ‘pony club’ revival was sparked locally by Ruby Boutique. Jodhpurs, blouses, boots and blazers will win most bets. Following the hunt, fur is making a come back, faux or no. Furthermore picnic scenes are on the rise following the publicity of Alice In Wonderland, so we can expect to see a lot more sweetheart bodices and mad hats.

Yet why is it that after I leave school, uniforms become cool? I don’t think I mind the crest blazers and high socks. With Dad as my inspiration, I’ve always been a fan of geek chic. It now seems local brands like Lonely Hearts are too. Expect to see a lot more ankle socks, top buttons and awkward lengths through your retro glasses.

Geometry and structure are making a comeback with designers like Dion Lee interpreting our digital age. Stiff fabrics have the ability to awaken old and new aesthetics. Prints like Cybele’s are going to flourish. Pants like Richard Nicoll’s can be serious business or casual. Blazers are still important and can become bigger or looser with white being the picked favourite for summer.

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