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Probing the punters

The Te Aro campus edition,with Rachel Brandon

1. Would you date either of John Key’s kids?
2. Have you seen anything at the NZ International Film Festival? If so, what?
3. Have you voted in the VUWSA by-election?
4. Squirt or What Now?
5. What happens when you get through to the teleops on What Now?
6. Chris Carter, should he stay or should he go?

Name: Nitasa
Age: 21
Studying: Industrial Design

1. I have to look at them before I say yes or no.
2. Yes; Animal Kingdom, Cyrus, The Killer Inside Me, The Room, I Killed My Mother—have I seen any others?
3. Nope.
4. What Now.
5. Hang up.
6. Wait, let me quickly google it. Nah, he should go.

Name: Pope Cody
Age: 27 years young
Studying: Industrial Design

1. No, Stephie a bit young, a bit emo for me.
2. Animal Kingdom—gritty stuff. Cyrus and The Killer Inside Me.
3. No. But I’ve heard of Campus Angels.
4. What Now, what happened to Thingee?
5. You speak to some 10-year-old kid who tells you that you’ve won a free gunge and a date with Thingee.
6. Politics bores me.

Name: Richard
Age: 20
Studying: Industrial Design

1. Didn’t even know JK had kids
2. Nope, none.
3. No
4. Oooo. What Now
5. Shout abuse at them
6. He should definitely leave.

Name: Jess
Age: 21
Studying: Design and Film

1. Hmmm.. His daughter has potential.
2. Enter The Void and Quarters. I really, really wanted to see Trash Humpers, but alas, no funds.
3. No. Didn’t even know about it.
4. Squirt, because Kanoa was awesome. But Thingee still has a place in my heart.
5. Don’t know—I never succeeded.
6. Who?

Name: Geordie
Age: 19
Studying: Interior Architecture

1. Considering the only boy is like fresh out of the womb… No.
2. Human Centipede—It was more the bad acting rather than the horror that fried my retinas.
3. No, I haven’t yet, but I do intend to.
4. SquirtEarthworm Jim, man.
5. Give a shout out to all my maaaaates in Taupo.
6. Probs stay, he’s a cutie.

Name: Charmaine
Age: 20
Studying: Bachelor of Design Innovation

1. They’re too young for me aren’t they?
2. No, too broke. But did get the pamphlet.
3. Nope.
4. What Now—back then. Not these days.
5. I wouldn’t ring up now, too old.
6. I don’t care…

Name: Tui
Age: 18
Studying: Conceptual Design. Dun dun dun!

1. Yes, the daughter maybe. Just to irk the father.
2. The Time That Remains, I Killed My Mother and Quarters
3. *Shakes head a little bit guiltily*
4. Early What Now.
5. You get to talk to them and sometimes you win prizes and sometimes you got to talk on air.
6. It sounds like he needs a holiday, so maybe he should go.

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