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Probing the punters

The ‘Bucking This Week’s Theme’ Edition with Rachel Brandon

  1. Who are you backing in Academic Idol?
  2. What is the best way to keep warm at night?
  3. Holidays soon! What are you planning on doing?
  4. What animal would be your patronus?
  5. Do you know any German?

Law and Politics

  1. Marc Wilson—his poem looks cool. Better than the rest.
  2. Have your flatmates in bed. Boyfriend and et cetera too. An orgy.
  3. My bach on the beach and Vespa around Tuscany.
  4. Giraffe—that would totally suit my height.
  5. Ja. Das ist echt geil.


  1. Pondy!
  2. Hot water bottle, especially ones with the furry stuff.
  3. Comp assignment, unfortunately.
  4. Mutant axolotl.
  5. I know this one… scheißenhausen… Sadly.

BA—Psychology, Criminology and Anthropology

  1. Marc Wilson.
  2. Hot water bottle.
  3. Road trip!
  4. An eagle.
  5. Yes I do, I can speak a bit… Du bist… [fill in the blank]

Commerce, Psychology and Law

  1. Dean Knight.
  2. Hot shower before bed and then cuddle a hot water bottle… Or seven.
  3. Going back home for a week. Possibly go snowboarding—and get owned.
  4. A black panther.
  5. No, but I know Chinese.


  1. Haven’t been. Charlotte from the history faculty should’ve been in it.
  2. Spooning.
  3. Working! I live far away and would like to rent a room close to work for two weeks.
  4. Cat.
  5. Yes, I actually take German—“Frieden, Liebe und barfuß.”

Law and Politics

  1. No one.
  2. Hot water bottle… My hottie!
  3. Sleeping. On a bed of clouds.
  4. A meerkat.
  5. Yes, extensive Scheiße.


  1. Pondy, but I did like Marc’s poem.
  2. Lots of blankets!
  3. Forgetting about assignments until the last day and video games.
  4. Axolotl… Or possibly the mutant strand.
  5. There was this phrase from The Hungry Caterpillar which my German teacher once read… Ice waffle comes to mind.
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