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September 20, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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Don’t wait until your unique experience at University passes and you live to regret that you did not embrace the opportunities that you missed. Every day we are offered a chance to be part of something exciting and new. Some of the important events in the next few weeks which affect all students at Victoria are:


Nominations are open for the 2011 VUWSA Executive and close at 4.30pm on the 24th of September. This is a chance to be part of the Students’ Association’s governing body. The Executive is responsible for the strategic direction and governance of the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association. Any student enrolled at Victoria University may run for an executive position. And the Executive holds office for one year from January to December.

If you want to make choices to benefit everybody at Victoria and represent the best interests of your fellow students visit for more information. You’ll find role descriptions and nomination forms. Feel free to contact Max if you have any questions—


Another big event for students at Victoria is the Annual General Meeting of VUWSA. Happening at 1PM on Wednesday 29th September, this is an occasion to voice any of your opinions about the way that the Students’ Association is being run and hear from your student representatives. At the AGM the Executive will be presenting the Half Year Report, the half year financials and some constitutional amendments. There will able be a free BBQ and a giant sized sandwich will be making an appearance for your eating pleasure. The AGM is being held on the, it would be an excellent event to learn from, engage with and hear from your fellow students.


Predicting the future is nearly impossible; making statement like the sun will rise tomorrow or no one will live forever are rather useless. This makes that task of accurately predicting an entire year’s revenue and expenses quite difficult. VUWSA is about to start this process and will be consulting extensively with various students and groups around campus. VUWSA will keep publicising the process while we progress.

It’s really getting down to the time when hard decisions must be made; to drink or to study, to party or to sleep, to participate or to quietly wander by. Be part of the decision making process, get involved.

Richard Carr

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