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Candidates line up for VUWSA General Election

Things are heating up for the upcoming VUWSA General Election.

When Salient went to print on Thursday, just a day before nominations closed at 5pm on Friday, 20 candidates had been nominated for the various positions to be contested at the election.

Presidential candidates Seamus Brady and Gao Yuan have been joined by Paul Smith, but as of Thursday there was still no confirmation as to whether ACT on Campus President Peter McCaffrey would also be standing.

Richard Carr and Bridie Hood now face competition in their currently-held roles that they are standing for again, as Daniel Wilson and Alex Johnson have been nominated for Administration and Education Vice President respectively. Wilson is also standing for Clubs Officer.

Other candidates are Craig Carey and Yuan for Welfare Vice President; Yuan and Nicholas Cross for Education Officer; Yuan for International Students Officer; Johnson for Campigns Officer; Wilbur Townsend for Environment Officer; Angus Hodgson and Lewis van den Berg Shaw for Publications Committee; Necia Johnston and Johanna McDavitt for Women’s Rights Officer and Conrad Reyners for University Council Representative.

The university’s Debating Society appears to be making a strong showing in the General Election, with debaters Smith, Wilson, Cross and McDavitt all standing for places on 2011’s exec.

A full list of candidates and their profiles will be available in next week’s issue of Salient.

All candidates will have the opportunity to appeal for votes at the Candidates’ Forum, held at Mount Street Bar at 1pm on Tuesday this week.

Voting opens on Friday, with students able to vote at polling booths located at all the university’s campuses or online via the email address they provided to the university when they enrolled.

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  1. bilbo says:

    they appear to have left out Richard D’Ath as well.

    also why does ANYONE care if Milkshakes is running or not??!

  2. smackdown says:

    i care because im a care bear

  3. Kelis says:

    Cause his milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

  4. My Name says:

    Is it the same Paul Smith that ran as a member of the A-Team a couple of years back?

  5. Your Name says:

    No, it is not

  6. Yes says:

    Yes that is the same Paul

  7. smackdown says:

    paul mccartney is dead though get a clue

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