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September 13, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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Things I have learned following the Canterbury earthquake:

  1. Salient would be so seriously fucked if there was a big earthquake and the Student Union Building was inaccessible. We should probably be backing up ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to a portable hard-drive each and every night, just in case the big one hits. We also need access to a laptop with Adobe Creative Suite and probably a generator. And internet. Lots of internet.
  2. Thank god we have building codes and standards in this country.
  3. My house would probably withstand the force of a rather large earthquake. My entire house shakes every time a bus/truck/large vehicle goes around the corner. And man did it shake that fateful Saturday morning two weeks ago. My wooden house has been standing since the early 20th century, so I figure it’s acquired a sort of natural flex thing, which will ensure it just sways with the motion of the earthquake, rather than collapsing. At least, this is what I tell myself.
  4. Don’t count on TV3 to provide you with constant blow-by-blow coverage in the event of a major disaster. Just hourly updates. They’ll never win the ratings war at this rate… But they did have sweeter graphics than TVNZ.
  5. I should probably start stashing bottles of water under my bed. I am already familiar with the perils of having no water. Back in 2004, Feilding flooded and the water was out—for almost a week. We drove to Palmerston North each day to shower at a friend’s place. We also stocked up on bottled water at the supermarket. And they had a water truck that drove around the streets and you could fill up huge containers with sweet, sweet water.
  6. Everything I learned about earthquakes in high school geography is correct. Thank you, Mrs Jeffreys. I always knew you were right. Really. I should get on to making my ‘B Ready’ kit…
  7. Don’t stand in fissures/holes in the ground. What is the matter with you? What if there’s an aftershock and it closes back up?!
  8. Someone on Twitter suggested that people should get a cat, so if you notice it start to go crazy, you know an earthquake/some other natural disaster is imminent.
  9. It might be time to move to a country that doesn’t straddle a tectonic plate boundary.
  10. It could have been much, much worse.

This week is the Queer Issue of Salient! Special shout out and thank you to UniQ, in particular Stephen Jackson, who have done a stellar job of producing a stackload of content for this issue. Awesome work!

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