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In the week that wasn’t

Retail Worker Mops Herself Into Corner. Again.

Victoria University student Grace Perkins was trapped overnight in Lambton Quay’s Supre store after she mopped herself into the back corner of the shop when she was closing up for the night.

Perkins says she was distracted by Supre’s witty slogan tees while she was cleaning the store, and did not notice she was mopping in the wrong direction.

It was only when Perkins reached the changing rooms that she realised her mistake. Once there, Perkins was unable to leave the store as the soap used is a high-gloss formula which remains extremely slippery for many hours after it is used. The soap is unique to Supre, who use it in all of their stores to create a highly reflective surface which accentuates the bright colours of their clothing.

“When I, like, mopped myself in last month I slipped over and, like, it really hurt. I had this big bruise on my face, it was, like, sooo ugly.”

After injuring herself the first time, Perkins was reluctant to attempt leaving the store again.

She spent the night in the changing rooms, sleeping on a pile of tube skirts, until her colleagues arrived to open the store the next morning.

When spoken to by Salient, the store manager said she was investigating ways to prevent a re-occurrence.

Max Hardy Struggles to Handle Massive Twitter Handle

VUWSA President Max Hardy admitted this week that his infamously long Twitter username, @victoriauniversityofwellingtonstudentsassociation2010presidentmaximushardy, has caused him significant problems since he launched his account in June.

Twitter, which allows users to address followers in 160-character long messages, requires each user to have a unique username, or ‘handle’. Once Hardy’s handle is typed in full, it leaves only enough space for a 65-character message.

This has significantly reduced possibilities for the length of replies that Hardy’s friends can write to him. Hardy told Salient that he believes this is the reason why he has not attracted many friends or followers on the site.

“If my name was a bit snappier I imagine I’d be getting a lot of interest from my fans, but as it is, the most they can say is ‘Dear Max, I’m a student at Vic, I’m writing to tell you about…’ before they run out of characters.”

Hardy says he thinks a lot of students are frustrated by the extremely limited number of characters.

“Lots of my followers now post shorter messages, I think to try and point out how long my handle is. Like ‘Max sux’, for example. I’ve been getting that a lot recently, actually.”

The long handle also causes problems when Hardy re-tweets his own tweets. If his message is already a certain length, Hardy has trouble adding much to it.

Last week his fifteenth retweet read: “Cool eh RT @victoriauniversityofwellingtonstudentsassociation2010presidentmaximushardy finished President’s column! Salient’s gonna love me!”

No one had replied to the tweet or re-tweet when Salient went to print.

Hardy urges students who wish to discuss an issue that is longer than 65-characters to either send multiple tweets or poke him on Facebook.

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