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September 6, 2010 | by  | in Opinion |
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President’s column

I believe that all students should engage in the process of improving the University they attend. The University, I think, is more than just a service provider. Taking ownership of your University is part of making a commitment to your own education and to the generations that will go after us. I am aware of course that some students don’t want to be involved. But there are others who are working to make sure that they and those that come after them have the best experience at University possible. If you are the latter, or care to shake off your apathy cloak for a day, I have two opportunities for you this week.


The Vice-Chancellor, the Chancellor and I will be hosting a student forum on Monday at 2pm in the Memorial Theatre. We will be there to discuss and answer questions on 2011 Student Fees and your University in general.

At VUWSA’s request the Forum has been opened up to issues other than just the fees you pay. It will be a very good opportunity to hear the leaders of the University front up about these issues and ask any questions you might have. I would encourage everyone who is interested in the quality of their education and how much they have to pay for it, to come.


Universities have a new power phrase they like to throw around – “the Student Experience”. On 27th of September I will be facilitating a workshop of University Council on this “Student Experience”.

My objective will be to try to give the Council a snapshot into the diversity of experiences that students have at Victoria and what defines these experiences –good and bad, remarkable and unimaginably awful.

Why? Council govern the University, and the decisions they make shape the University and our experiences of it. However, some never come in regular contact with the students of the University they govern.

As a Council, our objective is that all students have an outstanding “student experience” and that we all feel connected to and proud of our University.

No doubt, some students have some experiences that paint a rather negative picture of their time at Vic, either because of a lack of support, or institutional bureaucratic nightmares [StudyLink]. Conversely, some find their time at Victoria enriching and transformative. Sometimes because of what happens in their academic study, and sometimes because of what they do outside of the formal learning environment.

I would be interested in hearing what you think defines your experience, and how you think the University could improve it. Please get in touch ( if you have something to share.


The last seven weeks before exams are upon us. VUWSA wants all these weeks to be good weeks and we hope you will have fun and be supported to achieve exceptionally well. We have organised events every week. Our goal is to be visible and active on campus, so hopefully you will see us around.

Max Hardy

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