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Probing the punters

The fashion special with Rachel Brandon

  1. Best thing you did over the break?
  2. What is the one piece of clothing you’d save from your burning house?
  3. What do you rate as your worst fashion disaster?
  4. If you were forced to wear Crocs or jeggings, which would it be?
  5. What is your prediction for the next fashion trend?

Anthony, 21

  1. Had a mean weekend over at Mt Maunganui, got incredibly wasted with good friends.
  2. Olive SGC Jeans! So good!
  3. I’d have to say wide leg cargo pants, haha or the terrible Hawaiian shirt phase!
  4. Jeggings, worn like thermals, heh!
  5. It seems as though the 90s are back!

Zoe, 19
Industrial Design

  1. Buy U2 tickets.
  2. Uh, hmm, none, naked is better.
  3. Not sure, I owned at the side ponytail in my day.
  4. Sigh, really? Uh, jeggings—blasphemy.
  5. Anything goes right? Spoons.

Courtney, 20
Marketing and International Business.

  1. Head over the hill to Martinborough for a few days lazing in the sun with my friends.
  2. My Daniel Hechter wool coat, which I wear over anything and everything… I don’t know how I survived Wellington weather before I bought it!
  3. Hopping on the platform sneakers bandwagon during The Spice Girls craze (mine were orange with glitter and metallic panels). Thank God they caused me to break my ankle and I was forced to stop wearing them.
  4. Probably jeggings (reluctantly), hidden under a very, very long t-shirt. Crocs just look like cartoon shoes to me.
  5. I’m hoping it will be old school tribal patterns, like Aztec or Navajo prints.

Eve, 21
Landscape Architcture

  1. Paid off my credit card… Then went to town.
  2. The dress I wore to my 21st.
  3. Purple cardigan in form one, I liked to accompany it with matching purple lipstick, blah!
  4. Did you mean leggings? Definitely leggings, unless jeggings is a new abbreviation of jeans and leggings that I haven’t heard yet in which case probably Crocs, bad as each other really though.
  5. Cat suits!

Nicole, My driver’s licence says 20
Sometimes I study law

  1. Went to Fiji: got a tan, tried windsurfing and spent most of my time reading on the beach.
  2. In Wellington? Definitely my ZARA blazer. It’s warm.
  3. A dysfunctional lace top that I bought back when I thought I could pass as a gothette, haha!
  4. Crocs—nothing is worse than cameltoe. Not even real toes.
  5. I don’t know, fur trims? On everything!

Jonathon, 21
Bachelor of Design Innovation

  1. Sleep.
  2. Tobe 1.6’s.
  3. Ugg Boots + Nissan Skylines.
  4. Crocs, they are cool in Japan.
  5. Hot pink Hoverboards. Ooo yeah!
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