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Lol news

Exhibition proves to be shit show

Melbourne-based student artist Georgie Mattingley has caused controversy with her art exhibition Life is Delicious, which features artworks that are made from painted samples of her poo.

The show opened last Thursday at the Kingston Arts Centre, following a decision by the Kingston Council that Mattingley’s three excrement artworks would be allowed to be shown with the rest of her work.

The three works show brightly coloured samples of her faeces enclosed with flowers, leaves and crystals in resin spheres.

The 21-year-old says she became interested in changing the colour of her number twos when she was just 13.

“I’ve done everything I can to turn something so vulgar and repulsive into something so beautiful and spiritual.”

Mattingley was pleased the council had allowed her to include the contentious pieces in the exhibition.

“Hopefully now people can come along and contemplate the pieces for themselves.

“They can make a personal decision on whether it’s vulgar or not.”

Dunedin doctors win award for mad skillz

A group of Dunedin doctors won an Ig Nobel prize recently for their innovative research into preventing slips in the city’s often icy conditions.

Following extensive tests with groups of students, the doctors discovered that wearing socks over shoes does decrease the chances of slipping on icy surfaces.

The doctors were pleased with their award.

“Obviously our research was lighthearted, albeit related to an underlying important public health issue—falls—so we think (winning an Ig Nobel) is fun,” Dr Lianne Parkin said.

The Ig Nobels are awarded worldwide annually to strange and silly research projects.

Other recipients this year include a group who collected whale snot using a remote-control helicopter and a team who examined the sex life of fruit bats. Fascinating.

Primary school wins cool prize

Frozen water has never been so exciting

Students at an Australian primary school were delighted when they won the opportunity to have 15 tonnes of snow dumped on their school property recently.

Normally used to 30 degree temperatures, after winning Yoplait’s ‘Win a Snow Blasted School Yard’ competition, the Cairns students were treated to a ‘snow day’, complete with a snow slide, snow ball fights and a blizzard machine.

Despite the slightly bizarre prize, the students seemed very pleased with their winnings.

“We live in Cairns so it is always either hot or raining, having snow is very unusual but very fun,” one student said.

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