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Students hauled out of halls at end of exams

Exam stresses are set to rise to an even greater level for students currently living in Victoria University’s Halls of Residence, as they need to ensure their departure by the final day of exams.

All residents of Vic’s halls must leave by Saturday 13 November.

The strict move-out date is necessary, Victoria Student Accommodation Manager Nick Merrett says.

“In most cases students attending trimester three courses move in to the halls on the Sunday which is why
residents need to vacate on Saturday 13 November.

“In the case of University Hall, refurbishment work is beginning at 8am Sunday morning so rooms need to be
cleaned and cleared ahead of that work beginning.”

Students spoken to by Salient still feel that the refurbishments are at a bad time, for the academically-focused University Hall.

“I understand that the renovations are important but couldn’t they have started a week later?” says one
University Hall resident.

“It seems stupid that Uni Hall, as an academic hall first and foremost, are making us clean up and move out
during a week when most of us still have exams.”

The inflexible date of University Hall’s renovations is an adequate reasoning for some students.

“It’s annoying but I can see why they are doing it.

“It’s a one-off because of the renovations so we just had to deal with it and start to clean up now, I guess.”

The clean up date for University Hall has been set at November 10, adding even more pressure to stressed

Merrett says that students have had warning and there have been arrangements in some halls to let
students with Saturday exams leave a day later.

“Residents were initially advised they may have to vacate their room before midnight on Saturday 13

“Following an approach from students with Saturday exams, arrangements have been made for these students to vacate their rooms on Sunday morning.”

Many of the halls cannot allow students to stay later which is why the move out date is so strict.

“Most catered halls have strict move-out dates because that is when catering services finish and there
are no cooking facilities for residents to self-cater,” says Merrett.

“Other halls usually have flexibility, and students can stay for a longer period of time.”

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  1. Noodle Monster says:

    well that’s pretty ratch. Packing and leaving the city is stressful enough without freaking for exams.

  2. Raptor says:

    Just stay. If someone tries to evict you, piss on them.

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