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February 28, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Vice Prez

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new student year. I hope you have all had a lovely, sunny summer/not too hectic third Trimester!

I find the first week back at uni always the most exciting—new classes, new books, new people—then it tends to go slightly downhill with the reminder that you have deadlines and word limits. But it’s important to remember that your time at uni should not just be spent in classes and labs, but some of it should be spent enjoying many of the extra-curricular activities around the university.

So during clubs week, take a look at some of the stalls. Join a new club or try a new sport. If you are interested in politics, then join one of the youth political parties on campus, if you are studying or interested in learning a language, join one of the language clubs. Or better yet, if you and your friends are interested in starting up your own club, send our Clubs
and Events managers an email.

Another really important way to get involved at Victoria is to become a Class Rep. All classes at Victoria elect one student (sometimes more) to act as their Class Representative. These class reps act as an invaluable link between lecturers, students in that class and VUWSA. Their job is to provide feedback, ensure equity and welfare for students in their class, act as a contact point for students and help with low-level mediation.

Class reps are an important part of student representation at Victoria University, making sure that students are getting the most out of their academic experience and helping to ensure that there is a student voice at all levels of the University. This year we are also starting up a new initiative with our class rep system, Class Rep Scholarships. Each trimester we are giving away a $100 vicbooks voucher to an outstanding Class Rep from each Faculty. So this is even more incentive to get involved in student democracy on campus!

Good luck with your study this year, make sure you consider standing as Class Rep and I hope to see all of you at some of the AWESOME O Week events we have happening this year!
And as always, if you have any questions, about this column, student representation or VUWSA give me an email at


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