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Young Mama – How to make yourself more attractive quickly and easily without having to stop eating doughnuts.

How to make yourself more attractive quickly and easily without having to stop eating doughnuts.

Remind yourself as often as possible. Every time you think of it, or feel down about how you look, try to do one of these things instantly-

-Sit up straight and roll your shoulders back. Anyone who has seen a graduation ceremony, or any event where a lot of people walk in front of you, will have had an uncomfortable chuckle at a few hunchbacks. Most of us are, unfortunately, varying levels of hunchback (…until we regularly remind ourselves, that is).

-Don’t scratch yourself. No, really. Have you ever seen an attractive scratchmark? How about the scab from those itchy bites? Shaving rash will get worse. Leave. It. Alone.

-In the same vein, don’t touch your face unless you actually need to. This will keep your skin happy, and you will look less nervous/insincere.

-In a more complicated vein, think about how you want to appear to people, and how you can stand/sit to reflect that better. Confident people don’t avoid eye contact and hold handbags against their chests. Here’s a good one, to instantly feel more confident keep your thumb as far from your index finger as possible. I’m not kidding. Try to make it look natural.

-Practise smiling as often as possible, wherever you can. People do love a smiler, and everyone—everyone—looks better when smiling.

-Smile, then say “thank you” whenever possible, and use a tone which implies that the recipient really moved heaven and earth for you.

-Every time it is available, drink a glass of water. I hope I don’t have to explain the benefits of water.

-Check your underwear isn’t showing, and is unlikely to anytime soon. Noone finds accidentally flashed gruts impressive, except creeps.

-When washing your hands in the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror even if you hate doing so. It’s the basic “there’s no food on my face” check that’s important. If you hate looking at yourself, it’s even more important! Look into your eyes and with a mental “This is who I am, and I look fricken great.”

-Apply lip balm, male or female. Wellington wind takes moisture straight outta them.

-Think about what you look like, and don’t gloss over the bits you hate, reminding yourself that “This is who I am, it looks fricken great.”

-Get your makeup chosen by the in-store experts, or at least ask their advice. You will continue to make the same mistakes otherwise, promise.

-In fact, how about buying any body-related product in a store where you can ask for help about that kind of thing, and ask for help for the best product.

-Apply moisturiser to your hands and feet. If you don’t look better, you’ll feel like you do.

-Be frank about your body when discussing it in a non-deprecating way. Confidence is attractiveness. Always try to act about 10% more confident than you feel. I will always remember the advice, “He isn’t thinking ‘that bra doesn’t match her panties’ or ‘she shaved her armpits badly.’ He’s thinking, ‘holy shit, I get to see this girl naked,’ and trying not to smile so much it looks like a smirk.”

-When you get dressed, prepare for your clothes to be shifted about a whole lot more than you want them to be, and plan accordingly. Prepare for the weather to vary more than you want it to. There’s nothing less attractive than a sweaty butt, or shivering girl. Unless you’re a creep.

-Most importantly, don’t focus on looking attractive just for the people you find attractive, or want to attract. Focus on feeling attractive, happy and confident about your body and within yourself, and it is important to have this attitude with everyone you come across in your day. It’s not a game to get someone to find you attractive, because it’s not about anyone except your lovely self.

Welcome back to Vic, everyone :)

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