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March 21, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Editorial. Sport. Sportitorial.

Ah. Well. Now. This is going to be a tricky editorial to write.

Because, uhh, neither of us are really what you would call ‘Sporty Spice’. We both perfected the art early on of using our mental agility to avoid displaying our physical clumsiness. In primary school, Elle would always loop to the back of the batting line-up, never letting her hands touch bat or ball. Uther would just outright refuse to participate.

This is not to say that we hate sports (for someone who does, see page 23). They are simply not our thing. We’re not allergic to them; we simply don’t order them when we see them on the menu. But, this isn’t about us. When we took on this job we promised ourselves that we would not be Salient: Rather, you would be Salient. It’s very easy, when we’re trapped in the office day after day with only our quiet desperation and Designer Dan to keep us company, to think that everyone else is interested in what we’re interested in and what we do, but this isn’t true.

We don’t like sport, but other people do. Students like sport. You probably like sport, and good for you. There should be something in this issue to strike your fancy. We’ve covered all the varieties: the ones with the balls, the ones with the sticks, the ones with the lines painted on the ground (or do they all have lines painted on the ground?). The one where people run sometimes. Enjoy!

On another note, the response to Salient ‘11 so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and that warms us to the cockles of our unsporty hearts. When we ask a question on Facebook, you respond—no matter how unintelligible or hysterical-sounding that question may be. When we ask for letters, you write. You’re even beginning to write letters unrequested, which is great. Someone even said on Twitter that Salient made their Monday last week, which made our whole week—but we’re lame nerds like that.

All in all, this, coupled with the amazing turnout at VUWSA’s first IGM of the year, bodes well for an engaged and enthusiastic student body at Victoria University in 2011. Keep it up, you guys.

Elle and Uther

P.S. Though there can only be one contributor (and animal) of the week, we owe everyone who helped with this issue a big thank-you for educating us in the ways of the sport. It was a dark and twisting cavern, and you lent us your torches of knowledge.

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Uther makes theatre. Elle grew up on a boat. Together they edit Salient.

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