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March 22, 2011 | by  | in Online Only |
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Fuck Yeah, I’m in Denmark – Winter

Hello again. Now I can’t think of single interesting thing to write.

In search of wisdom I just put on shuffle a playlist consisting of Chulahoma and Thickfreakness. I have named it ‘Chickfreakness’, because I have a little too much time to kill today. It is now playing so loud I can’t hear myself think. This is good. But not helping.

What’s happened in ten weeks then?… Fuck me, ten weeks! Where’d that go, huh? A quick glance out the window tells me it’s still snowing in Copenhagen. Not ideal.

I think I’ll tell you a story now. A few weekends ago I was in Aarhus for a live concert of The National. Yes they were amazing, BRAG BRAG. But our host for the night, named Jan, decided to throw his phone into the city’s canal after drinking too much of a danish liquor called Fisk (yummy). This left us in a very sticky situation for the night, because he then ran off down the road chasing some poor guy who only wanted a taste of his Fisk. Funnily enough, this didn’t leave us with many sleeping options for the night. The moral of the story being to never trust a guy with a girl’s name.

I made an acrostic ode to Fisk for you.

Fisk is Danish for fish, but it doesn’t taste like fish at all.
Ice cool refreshing, like licorice mouth wash.
So very Danish.
Keeps you awake while talking to Belgians.

Now, I think we all know it’s time for a list of the things I like about the Danish winter.

1. The basement turns into a beer fridge. This is nice, because it leaves more room in the fridge for bacon. Bacon is really cheap here. Weird I know, it’s like opposite land.

2. You don’t feel bad about hibernating in your duvet with Seinfeld repeats for days at a time.

3. The awesome padded onesies that pre-schoolers have to wear. Yesterday I saw a kid do an almost complete cartwheel after crashing his bike into the curb of the road at quite some speed. He stood up and just started laughing hysterically along with his friends. Not even a scratch. They also tend to travel in packs, like penguins.

4. It is better than the Swedish winter.

5. At a tiny cinema in town, they have monthly midnight screenings of ‘The Room’, directed by Tommy Wisseau. They hand us plastic spoons and pillows to throw at the screen and they sell great film merchandise at the counter.

6. Live music at Loppen in Christiania. Because boogying warms you up. I’m seeing a band called Woods tomorrow night. They should be groovy. The lead singer sounds exactly like Neil Young. But hopefully he won’t go walking out on stage with cocaine hanging off his nose hairs like Neil used to do. Loppen has a strict “No Hard Drugs” policy.

7. Hey, there’s a little squirrel outside my window! Well I think it’s a squirrel. Googling “squirrel”. Yes, it is a squirrel.

8. Traveling around Europe in winter can be really cheap. Just have to book early.

9. Short cuts across lakes and canals on icy morning walks, or late night adventures.

10. Pub.

Pub. Yes. Time for pub. Bye.

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  1. Vic OE says:

    Want to do an exchange to Denmark? Find out how at to learn about the Vic OE programme!

    Rupert, keep warm and keep writing! We love reading your blog :)

    Clare & Fiona (Vic OE)

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