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Being a student at Victoria is about more than just attending classes, battling hills and reading Salient. Victoria is also about engaging, discussing, debating and learning; all within our student community.

Throughout Victoria’s history, many students have been heavily involved in this aspect of the university experience. Victoria has been the place where many of our future leaders, industry leaders and public figures have developed, whether it was campaigning against the war in Vietnam, the Springbok tours, law reform, the attacks to tertiary education in the 1990s or just unashamedly hoarding tons of rice (that actually happened). All of these things were important to the student community at the time, and the actions of Victoria students often resonated with communities far beyond our own.

Being part of the student body is important to all of us, for big and small reasons. The recently elected life members of VUWSA, Helen Sutch and Hugh Rennie, demonstrated how important student life at Vic can
be, both to what you do now and what you might do
in the future.

VUWSA has always made sure the student community thrives at Victoria. We actively support club and rep groups and support sports tournaments and run many events. We support and agitate for measures by the University to increase the diversity of our communities here at Victoria—by encouraging greater inclusion and recognition of Maori, Pasifika, and international students.

That’s what VUWSA exists to do. It has been helping students achieve just this since 1899. But VUWSA is not only concerned with making sure students at Vic have a good time, we care about your education as well. We are, after all, students and we’re entitled to the best education that Victoria can provide.
Part of that is making sure we do what’s expected of us. Writing essays under pressure is no fun, but the relief you’ll feel when you finish at the last second is priceless. That’s pretty much the defining emotion of my BA. Although we can’t be expected to go it alone. Being a part of the student community is making sure that the University is committed to ensuring your learning experience is as enriching and rewarding as possible.

In the past we’ve had to fight for it and it’s important that students (through VUWSA) remain ever vigilant. That’s the story behind the creation of the Alternative Student Guide. Victoria refused to publish the results of student feedback on courses. So VUWSA created the ability for students to do it themselves and the Guide is now one of our most popular publications.

The development of the Student Charter will build on this. This document will underpin our experiences and expectations as students by defining the partnership that exists between students, staff and the University as a “community of scholars”. So it will be a pretty important document.

Alert: Massive Survey Coming at You

In just under two weeks you’ll get a chance to have your say about your student experience at Victoria. An email will be sent to you inviting you to participate in Victoria’s inaugural Student Experience Improvement Survey.
The results will help the University identify changes to the student experience. This is an important opportunity for you to have your say; your feedback will make a direct difference.

Free Flu Shots

We’re headed to Joan Stevens Hall (Monday) Te Puni (Tuesday) and U-Stay (Thursday) between 5 and 7pm this week. Details for the rest of the campus and Hall clinics are on our website.
Have a great week!

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