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Vice Prez (Welfare)

I’m excited about the year to come, and not just because it promises new opportunities to develop my alcoholic tendencies. What I’m particularly looking forward to is a year of providing you with valuable services and representation from VUWSA in my role as Vice-President (Welfare). What a thrilling prospect!

The primary focus of VUWSA is of course representation; both providing you with a voice and keeping the university accountable to its students’ needs, rather than just its students’ dollars. Yet, as important as that ideal may be, most students never need to actively avail themselves of the protection representation provides. In light of this VUWSA has, for many decades, recognised that there are other, more pedestrian, issues that students need assistance with.

Sometimes finding a job that will cooperate with your Uni hours can be difficult. That’s why VUWSA helped establish Student Job Search and continues to partially fund it to this day. Get all up in their website if you need a job for some more liquor money.
We know that buses are absurdly expensive. That’s why VUWSA, in partnership with the University, provides you with free inter-campus bus passes and continues to lobby the Greater Wellington Council for a student fare for public transport.
Occasionally people run out of money and have difficulty paying the bills without going hungry. VUWSA feels your pain and has a food-bank service to prevent you from starving while you find a way to pay the rent.

When your landlord, employer, lecturer, tutor or course coordinator is being a dick, you can come see our Student Advocate who can help you work through the problem. The Advocate is entirely independent from the University and can give you excellent advise and assistance.
It’s also a fact that no one likes the flu. Except the pharmaceutical industry. Getting sick can interfere with your work and study, as well as harming the people around you. Later this month, VUWSA will be partnering with Student Health to provide you with free flu shots. Come get some.

Some services are also provided through the University itself. VUWSA has a role in the oversight in the financial and strategic administration of these services to make sure that they remain responsive, and deliver good outcomes for students.

That’s just a cursory glance at some of the services we have available for you. Make sure you pop into the office visit me if you want more information about VUWSA, or perhaps want to inform me that I’m doing a shit job. I’ll even make you a cup of tea (in either instance).
And while I’m on the subject (and because it is the teaching edition of Salient), I want to dispense some advice on the making of tea. Badly made tea is a danger to student welfare everywhere, and thus I am obliged to inform you of proper procedure. When dealing with most black teas, the water must be boiling when it comes into contact with the leaves or bag. Not water that was boiling five minutes previously. Not even water that was boiling 30 seconds ago. Make sure the cup (or pot if you’re suitably pretentious) is next to the kettle, and never hesitate when pouring: every second matters. Get it right, or get out of the tea-making facilities.

P: 04 463 7406

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