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April 4, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Eye on Exec

This week’s Executive meeting saw amendments to Bonus Round Sports Council grants, further development on the VSM front, and a surprising lack of charming banter.

Work reports were of similar stock to recent weeks, save for an endearing misspelling of the ‘Domino Post’. Seamus still managed to pull 100 hours over the last reporting period. This was mainly due to the upcoming opening of the Student Union Building on March 31st, co-opting the VUWSA President as a tour guide. Celia Wade-Brown was said to be impressed with The Hunter Lounge and Clubs Area.

The Executive moved to amend the minutes for last year’s Sports Council Bonus Round meeting. The movement added a $1,310 grant to the Debating Society for coaching costs and tournaments fee. Extra funding was struck down by default last year as not one member of the Executive remembered
to attend.

Next was discussion of the VUWSA Trust’s role in the shift to VSM. Over the last few months, NZUSA and its associates have devised a comprehensive plan to retool organizational structures. The plan would see Paul Cochram (former VUWSA and NZUSA President and current international analyst) working one day a week until the NZUSA conference in May. Paul had previously helped the Council of Trade Unions (CTU) with the transition from compulsory union membership in 1991.

The plan was tentatively priced at $30,000. Seamus was quick to point out that the VUWSA Trust would fund half, and that Paul was charging a discounted rate. Due to his personal interest in the project, it was suggested he would “give more than he’s given”. The plan was approved in principle, pending final figures.

Statistics and a broad overview of last year’s VUWSA Survey were presented. Data is still being analyzed, but suggestions were said to include moving the Alternative Student Guide online and increasing email contact with students. Results of the survey were tabled to the Student Services Levy Committee. An updated version will be circulated both to students and the University in coming months.

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