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April 11, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Prez Col – Hachi

Brrr, its cold in here, there must be some winter in the atmosphere; baby it’s cold outside; other winter clichés etc (shiver, shiver).

Poor jokes aside, the colder months pose some new challenges
for students at Victoria. As the temperatures drop, simple
things like getting up in the morning, or leaving the shower,
seem like impossible quests.

And just as the weather starts getting up all up in our grills, it’s also the time of year that the University chooses to ramp up the intensity of your academic experience. Essays are suddenly looming, tests need to be studied for and projects need to be completed. It’s all a little depressing. But, as always, VUWSA is here to help. For nearly a month your students’ association and the brilliant nurses at Student Health have been running free flu shot clinics at all of the University’s campuses and we’ve even travelled to every hall of residence.

I think these clinics go to the heart of what VUWSA is here to do. It’s a great example of students helping students to ensure that our community remains on top of things. Running these free clinics are one of my favourite things that VUWSA does (and that’s not just because I like a good prick). This year has seen a huge uptake on the numbers of students accessing the clinics and is evidence of students coming together to deal with a common problem. By the end of last week we had immunised over 2300 students against influenza.

Things can be pretty serious if you do get the flu. Most Halls of Residence have strict isolation rules, and past years have seen students hospitalised. Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, illness is watching, waiting to catch you. Influenza and other viral afflictions disproportionately affect those in the student age brackets (especially those in Halls). So keep an eye out for your friends and flatmates and don’t hesitate to seek help if you’re feeling grim. And it’s not just the flu that we need to be on the look out for. Winter often brings other unwanted surprises. Power bills can skyrocket when heaters and dryers are used and abused. Some students may find that their modest income struggles to fend off winter’s cruel bites.

Again, VUWSA is here to make the darker months a little more bearable. Our foodbank is available when you’re short of money. If you have a rogue flatmate who thinks they will never be discovered drying their towel with a fan heater alone in their room, VUWSA can help with that too. Our Student Advocate can help you sort any issues you might have with your powersucking flatmates. And if your environment-hating flattie burnt through the flat funds, we can help you apply to the University’s Hardship Fund to see things right.

University Games

Good luck to Team Victoria in their quest to win back the University Shield during the Super City University Games. You’ll do us all proud!

Stay safe and have an awesome break. And if you’ve got the sniffles, take a day off and get well soon!

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