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May 9, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Animal of the Week – The Grey Wolf

As a general rule, I say any animal that’s become a symbol for ironic hipster fashion loses any and all respect points. However, there’s an exception to every rule, and that is this week’s ‘Animal’. After all, the grey wolf, even when presented on a sweatshirt howling at the moon, is a total badass. Wolves have such impeccable hearing that they are able to register falling leaves in autumn. Because of this, they’re almost impossible to sneak up on—they’re even alert when sleeping. In fact, the Siberian tiger is one of the few animals awesome enough to attack and kill a grey wolf. Grey wolves are social predators, although single wolves have been known to take down prey such as moose and bison unaided. When working as a team, wolves sometimes employ ambush tactics, where one wolf directs an entire herd towards where the rest of the pack are lying in wait. Wolves display such mastery over their prey that they are not impressed when other predators are foolish enough to enter their hunting grounds. Wolves commonly defend their territory from coyotes and foxes, and have even been known to kill bears! Many cultures have recognised grey wolves as being badass by depicting them as gods in folklore. Personally, if I had to choose to worship any animal god, the grey wolf would totally be my first choice.

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