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May 9, 2011 | by  | in News |
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Cheap fares for students or bus-t!

A Facebook petition is demanding half price fares for Wellington tertiary students using public transport.

“Most uni/polytech students are poor ‘cause they have no time to get a job around study”, says the administrator of the page, Simon Hulse.

Wellington is one of the few cities with a large student population that doesn’t offer any concessions. Auckland students get up to 40% off the adult fare, and people studying in Palmerston North get free bus rides.

“Things like this are great and will prove Regional Council wrong when they say there is no political will…to create more equitable fares for tertiary students,” says VUWSA President Seamus Brady.

So far the page has over 3000 ‘Likes’. Hulse plans to bring the total number of ‘Likes’ to the council on 1 July.

“Everyone who likes the page will be counted like a signature on a normal paper petition,” Hulse claims.

Some have criticised the use of Facebook as a platform for a serious campaign.

“I believe you [the Facebook petition] are the victim of a paradox,” said student Tam Irvine.

“You cannot start a petition on facebook and then claim to be serious about your cause.”

Students qualify as being ‘transport disadvantaged’ according to VUWSA.

They “should be considered with a fare schedule that recognises their dependence on public transport, their unique financial and living situations and their frequent use.”

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  1. Jody says:

    Percfet shot! Thanks for your post!

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