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Couple attends VUWSA Forum on date

A forum on Victoria University’s review of Undergraduate Education held by VUWSA last week attracted a record crowd with two whole students showing up.

There was mixed involvement from the attendees. One student took the opportunity to express his thoughts on possible degree exploration during first year. The other was reluctant to participate, adding to speculation that she was only there as an obligatory accompaniment to her boyfriend.

The forum was a chance for students to find out where the review was coming from, the thinking behind it and how they could have their say. The review, as previously reported in Salient, is aimed at improving the undergraduate experience at Victoria.

As future funding is likely to be related to graded performance, the University is looking at improving current programmes to help students achieve better. Particular focus will be paid to student workload and how courses are assessed.

The review will also be looking into incorporating research into teaching practices, as the University hopes to create a community of scholars which undergrads feel like they can be a part of.

Students can make individual submissions to the University, or take part in an online VUWSA survey. The results of this will form the basis of a submission VUWSA will be making to the University on behalf of students.

Submissions will be presented to various working groups, who will then produce recommendations to be voted upon by the University Council at the end of the year. Students wishing to make a submission must do so by Wednesday 25 May

The VUWSA online survey and information on the review can be found at

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  1. Michi says:

    When real news imitates The Week that Wasn’t.

  2. David says:

    I would have gone if you’d been my date. Love you Stella Blake Kelly lets have sexy current events style sexy time

  3. CY says:

    LOL – this article is too funny!

  4. sbk says:

    Naww thanks “David”. Sounds good. Even better if your surname is Bain or Garrett xx

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