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May 16, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Pass me a cupcake…

In honor of International No Diet Day (INDD), Vic students noshed on free sausages, hash browns, cakes, cookies, chocolate and cupcakes on Friday 6 May.

In a world in which fat is discriminated against, INDD celebrates body diversity and fights to remedy the unhealthy relationship many people have with food.

“INDD remains necessary because the media, the medical community, family, friends, and society in general constantly send out the message that fat is ugly, unhealthy and something to lose at all costs,” said National Women’s Rights Officer for the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations Caitlin Dunham.

INDD is a day where we can remember that there are more important things than body image and diets,” shes said.

Students fought back against the world’s weight obsession by symbolically destroying it. Armed with fencing foils and righteous anger, students beat a bathroom scale-shaped piñata.

Eating disorders affect 9 per cent of female university students at some time during their course of study.

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