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Peas and Queues

Winter in Wellington can be cruel.There’s something about the mild grey skies combined with the bone- cutting southerlies, and the glut of damp, drafty student flats that can make it especially miserable. It’s easy to fall into the shivery clutches of the winter blues, so here are a few tips to chase ‘em away.

Join the gym

Even if you’re not the gym-y type. You can have hot showers for as long as you want and use their hair-dryers without worrying about the power bill, use the sauna to defrost your toes, and yes, occasionally do some exercise, which is also good for the winter spirits.

Find warm places

libraries, friends with flats that have heat-pumps, certain cafes. Go to them. Stay in them.

Make a playlist for dancing

Resist the urge to listen to mopey guitar music all winter. Jeff Buckley and Bright Eyes will not help you. Jonathan Richman and Sharon Jones might though. Dance to your chirpy playlist whenever you get cold, whenever you feel sorry for yourself, and whenever there is company.

Keep your feet dry

Just like when you’re tramping, keeping your feet dry will be key to your survival in Welly. Invest in a lot of socks, change them often.

Hang out With people

You’ll be tempted to hide-out for most of the Winter in bed watching Gilmore Girls/The Wire over and over, but it’s really not good for your mental health. Do stuff with people. Any stuff. Join a club if you have to. Just stop being alone.

Make hearty winter feeds

Sunday roasts, lamb stews, chicken and leek pies, roast vege salads are some of the pleasures of the Winter months. Eat a lot of hot, garlic-y food and embrace the winter layer.

Have a party, make mulled wine

Nothing warms up a living room faster that a lot of people drunk on mulled wine dancing to Jonathan Richman.

Buy something cosy

Something warm that you’ll put on because you love it so much, not because it’s so fucking cold outside. Like a soft woolly scarf, some sharp leather gloves, or possum-fur-lined gumboots.

Make happiness While the Sun Shines

Crisp, clear Winter days are a rarity in Wellington, so when it happens, wrap up and find a sunny place to soak up as much vitamin D as you can

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