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July 18, 2011 | by  | in Arts |
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Rotarota Beyond Matariki Metonymy

From where you stand, Matariki shall rise above Aotearoa. Blessed are the Seven Sisters in New Year. New Moon to look over you, for seldom simplicity not enough, forever dream like smiles to a laugh.

Behold the stimulus of metonymy, that is, the kete of knowledge, your consequences will merely become of age. Demystify the spiritual renaissance above, forget not peace and love.

Heliacal rising in given hemisphere, you’re part of the elements that are near. Relapse memory can’t displace your heart, nor the shelter beyond comprehension, and what love is trying to mention.

Gracious come forth during high tide, discovery of the ocean, where seahorse and mountains hide. A message of black iron sand, and sea murmur to language infinity, voyage of whitecaps when ready.

Lay down the challenge for waka, and for creativity to relinquish recycling. My imagination is never lying. Yeah, heavy labour works, one-way or another, I’d say, God Bless your Mother.

How could love be the thought of next stanza? What about the journey so far? From where you stand, Matariki shall rise above Aotearoa, eyes thrown by the elements of Taawhirimaatea.

Invaluable eyes of euphuism may you return to define affinity. Why plenipotentiary demolish beauty? Welcome grievance of history, respect old kāinga and facade in the community.

Ka awhi ana mātauranga ki te kauwae runga, embrace knowledge in celestial lore, the hearts whom carry your Southern Cross. Destiny before new season like autumn leaves lost.

Forever exalt for excellence towards the summit. Kereru merely fly to perch on longstanding Pūriri tree. Who’d judge the flight of the Kōtuku? Perhaps feather fallen in educational estuary?

Henotheism is one’s holistic entity to well-being, therefore you might as well speak the truth. Beloved is your seedbed, thus you cultivate trust. A shepherd spends time if she or he must.

Puanga to capture kākarauri till pūao, that is, till dawn. Your spiritual resurgence can never be extinguished but forever born. E hia ngā kupu hou beyond Matariki?

Along the watershed of Whakaahurangi is the greatest observatory, and empirical as the mountains memory. A twinkle in the sky albeit in my eye, Matariki shall rise above Aotearoa.

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He Tāonga

:   I wanted to write this piece, in order to connect to all tauira within the University, with the hope that we can all remind ourselves that we are a part of an environment which is valuable, no matter our culture, our beliefs or our skin colour. The ultimate purpose of this