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August 15, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Guest Editorial. Gueditorial.

Another year, another Gaylient.

Hello, and happy gay week to all you queerdos and queer-interested folk at Victoria University. This is your Salient.
One of the paradoxes we’ve found in guest-editing this edition is that being gay means lots and nothing, all at the same time. We live in a weird and wonderful zeitgeist in which a squiffy sexuality sets you apart for sure: biologically and historically (as the wonderful Matthew Ellison, Antony Reid and Meghan Harris point out). We differ in our challenges (by Selina Powell) and our champions (Duncan Hope) and, perhaps more notably, our lovers! (Cruz Johnson and Evie Anderson).

But queerness does not an identity make, or at least not any more. We live in an integrated world, and being gay no longer means that your personality must stereotypically follow suit. We come in so many shapes and sizes, flavours and varieties that there is no longer such a thing as ‘gay acting’ or indeed ‘straight acting’. If being gay had a middle name it would be Diversity. That’s what makes it awesome.
Indeed, as a wise man once said, ‘queerness isn’t who you are, it’s who you fuck’. Truth.

But, as fluid and generally accepted as alternative sexuality is for many of us, we are not there yet. As much as the youth of today often feel that queerness is just a part of who they are (a nice, challenging, vibrant, wonderful part!) it is still often viewed as a nasty be-all and end-all—by lawmakers, friends, parents, employers, people. Hopefully one day, the formula for a socially insignificant relationship won’t be exclusive to P + V.

So, there goes our annual opportunity to have a philosophical rant at y’all. Hope we didn’t lose ya! A big thank you to the Salient crew for giving us a voice and a medium, help, and support. Thank you to our wonderful contributors who have given us their time and effort in writing such superb pieces. Thank you to the UniQ exec for a kick-ass year so far.
And high-five to you. You’re reading it! How cool is that?!

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