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Prez Col

It was awesome to see a great turnout at our AGM last week. We did a number of things, but the most important change was adopting the proposal to allow for online voting for VUWSA policy motions.

This is a huge step forward for VUWSA and for students wanting to actively participate in our democratic processes.

For a while now we have been developing a new strategic plan so we can better represent and serve all students at Victoria. We are doing this now as part of our programme of professionalising and invigorating our Association, so that we always provide an outstanding level of service year-to-year and give students a strong voice across Victoria. 

Our first step this process was holding a small workshop where we gained feedback and ideas about where VUWSA should be in the future. This input and feedback has assisted us with forming a draft Strategic Plan.

This draft currently focuses on three things—student engagement and participation, sustainability, and the idea of being a ‘critical friend’ and partner (where appropriate) with the University.

We are now in the middle of consultation on this draft and are keen to hear what you think. Last week we met with Ngai Tauira, UniQ, Postgraduate Students’ Association, the International Students’ Council, Women’s Group, the Law Students’ Society, VicCom, and with Class Reps in order to get their feedback on the draft. This has been extremely valuable and has given us a lot of things to think about to improve the current draft.

But we need your views on the ‘top level’ of the strategic plan. This includes refreshing our constitution with a new statement of our vision, values and purpose. It also includes major strategic initiatives over the next one to three years. So it is vital all students have the chance to shape this.

We’ve tried to make this process as easy and accessible as possible. On our website and Facebook page you will find a link to a quick online survey where you will find each section of the draft strategic plan and the opportunity to respond to each one. If you are not happy them you can provide your own suggested wording.

The sections we want you thoughts on include our:
• Vision: This is our overarching vision for students at Victoria as we would like it to be.
• Values: These are the principles VUWSA will seek to hold above all others and guide our decisions.
• Purpose: VUWSA’s reason for being—how we seek to bring our Vision into existence.
• Mission: this is a temporary, current mission that galvanizes our strategy over the next 3-5 years.
• Goals & Projects: these are a small number of key, vital strategies to deliver on our current mission.
It only takes a few minutes so I urge you all to complete the survey.
Enjoy this year’s Gaylient – expanding closed minds since ages ago with the help of UniQ. *

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  1. Artie says:

    Got it! Thanks a lot again for hpeling me out!

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